View Full Version : Question for the Full-Setting Homebrewers

2014-03-03, 12:44 AM
I have a site idea but I don't know it it's appealing. It may be more casual-creator oriented than the kind of hardcore homebrewers that seem to be here. I have a feeling everyone is kinda experienced and comfortable with their tools, already able to complete full books independently. I'm from an outside community, where I'm used to homebrew creation being very ad-hoc and disorganized.

The premise is to take a wiki and add an overlay that lets people mark content they liked within a book/article. Then, if the reader wants to encourage the creators of that book/article to keep going, they toss in a donation and the system shares it out among the people who made the stuff that the user expressedly flagged as being valuable to them. Rules fans provide support to the rule writers, art fans provide support to the illustrators, trolls and slackers are cut out of the loop.

The only reason I can think of it maybe appealing to hardcore/professional creators is if it would work as a sort of middle ground between the free volunteer work at the very beginning and the full crowdfunding near completion. Like, it would defray the burden of sacrificing freelance time in order to work on the game. But I dunno how the practice looks, if that kind of thing would fit; a collaboration drafting table where bystanders can tip the effective contributors.