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Way back in D&D 3.5 a persisting class known as Nightmare Spinner was published in one of it "Complete" series book. This class was a focus for an illusion specialist caster. What alot of people missed zat the time (or choose to ignore) was the fact with in the fluff of the class was a line stating that it could be adapted to an Enchantment Spinner and that through this means a enchantment caster could in fact over come mind affecting immunities.

I have always personally been a major fan of the enchantment school, despite is sub-optimal nature. While pathfinder has improved the school in some aspect, it is still often considered the weakest of the schools. I have decided to adapted the Enchantment Spinner to Pathfinder, as a way of improving the schools mobility with out making it to overly powerful. Please note this is only vary loosely based off of the Nightmare spinner and is not an exact adoptions....also please PEACH.

http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_small/2/24019/1353360-white_lantern_maxwell_lord_of_earth.jpg Enchantment Spinner

Role: A Enchantment Spinner seeks to further understand the complex nature of the mind and through that understanding further it control over an individual. A caster of this particular arcane arts quickly learns to manipulate the energy of their own mental magic, hiding the effects from prying eyes. As they grow stronger so does there magic, the focus in this school eventually whispering promise of an Arcane might that would allow the caster to overwhelm even the most foreign sentient minds.

Many arcane spell casters are drawn to this path who wish to learn the arts of control. While no one caster stands above the rest the school is often particularly attractive to sorcerers and bards. Witches some times dabble in the paths art but at the cost of strengthen there hexes. Only Alchemist tend to flat out avoid the path entirly, as there magic often focus more on the body rather then the mind.

NPC Enchanment Spinners are often illusive in nature. Many preferring to work from the shadows and use a patsy. To deal with on is to deal with deception and manipulation on a scale unheard of by many. To come out of an encounter with on with your free will completely intact is almost unheard of.

To qualify to become and Enchantment Spinner a character must fulfill alss the following criteria.
Skills: Bluff 4 ranks, Diplomacy 4 ranks, Sense Motive 4 ranks
Feats: Spell Focus (Enchantment)
Spells: Ability to cast at 3-rd level arcane spells: Ability to cast at least one charm spell and one compulsion spell.

An Enchantment Spinners class skills are Apprise, Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge Arcane, Knowledge Planes, Knowledge Local, Linguistics, Spellcraft, Stealth, Use Magic Device

Skill Points per level: 4+Int

Hitdice: d6

Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Class Features|Spells per day
+2|Hidden Strings, Resistance|+1 to existing arcane spell casting class

+3|Spell Power +1|+1 to existing arcane spell casting class

+3|Deepening Nature, Hidden Strings (Mask Dweomer) |+1 to existing arcane spell casting class

+4|Spell Power +2|+1 to existing arcane spell casting class

+4|Compelling Enchantment|+1 to existing arcane spell casting class

Class Features

You have a deeper understanding of Enchantment magic then your average run of the mill arcane caster. Your studies have brought you an enlightenment on the fundamental principles of the schools. You can twist and manipulate the energies in ways non before you could, to create new more potent magic.

Spellcasting: At each level of this PrC you gain new spells per day and an increase to your caster level (and spells known if applicable) as if you had gained a level in the casters class you belonged to before becoming a nightmare spinner. However yu do not gain any other benefits that might come from leveling up in the class (I.E. Hex, bonus feats, Discoveries, etc.) If you have more the one arcane caster class, you must choose at each level with class benefits from this,

Hidden Strings: An Enchantment Spinner are exceptionally prodigies at hiding the effects of there magic on individuals targets, to the point where it almost impossible to detect the nature of the spell. The DC for a sense motive check to determine if an individual is under a enchantment effect increase by 2 for every level a Enchantment spinner his in the PrC (max of +10.)

At the 3rd level all enchantment spells are treated as if the are under the spell Mask Dweomer (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/advanced/spells/maskDweomer.html#mask-dweomer) for purpose of magic detection. The will save to break the effect is equal to the spells own DC.

Resistance: An Enchantment Spinner has an untyped bonus to his or her Will have equal to the their level in the class (max +5) vs compulsion and charm spells, spell-like ablities and supernatural effects.

Spell Power: At level 2 a Enchantment Spinner gains a +1 bonus to his enchantment spells DC and caster level. This bonus increase at level 4 to +2.

Deepening Nature:An enchantment spinner is able to wilt away at a victims mental resistance. Each time a person fails a saves to break out of an established ongoing enchantment spell they accrue a -1 penalty to their will save vs. the enchantment spinners magic. This effect is cumulative. If the the penalty from deeper nature should ever eclipse the subject wills save bonus, the target no longer roll will saves agianst the enchantment spinners mind affecting abilities and spells. It any source raise the target will save above the penalty score the target then is able to continue rolling will saves...until such time as the penalty eclipse the will save once more or the target breaks free of the effect.

Compelling Enchantment: An Enchantment spinner has reached the principal of his class. He is abile to twist and wave the magic of his class like no other caster. As a free action a Enchantment spinner can choose to make his enchantment a 'Compelling enchantment". If he does so his magic is able to ignore mind-affecting immunity in placed on a sentient creature by a spell, creature type or other special feature. The target is still allowed a will save to resisted the effect.

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