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2014-03-20, 05:28 PM
I'd been playing Dungeon World, a system which I deeply love, but I wanted to do a campaign in Sarlona, Eberron, and I noticed that it didn't have any psionic classes. This is my attempt at a Psion class to make up for that. It still needs some 9th level powers, but other than that it's pretty much a complete class, in need of revision.

Your hit points are 6+Constitution.
Your base damage is d6.

You start with these moves:

Psionic Focus
You start the game knowing any three psionic foci.
When you focus the energies of your Ego, roll+Int.
• On a 10+ hold 3
• On a 7-9 hold 2
• On a miss hold 1
You enter a psionically resonant mental state. You gain all of the benefits any one psionic focus you know, or switch from your current psionic focus to another. You can spend hold to manifest powers while focused, but you can only manifest powers tied to your current focus. When you run out of hold, you are no longer psionically focused and must use this move again if you want to regain psionic focus.
Choose a display. This is a sign of the mental energies flowing through you when you are psionically focused - examples include glowing eyes, standing hair, or a persistent hum of energy.

Psionic Powers
You start the game knowing three first level powers, and you learn one power of your level or lower every level thereafter. You can only learn powers tied to foci which you know.

Manifest Power
When you manifest the power of your Ego while psionically focused, roll+Int.
• On a 10+ the power is successfully manifested and you spend one hold
• On a 7-9 the power is manifested, and the hold spent, but choose one:
Your power disturbs the Egos of others, drawing unwelcome attention or putting you in a spot. The GM will tell you how.
You lose psionic focus and take -1 to regain it until you spend uninterrupted time meditating (about an hour or so)
• On a miss, the power is not manifested but your hold is spent anyway

When you enter a deep meditative state in order to perform some feat of psychic power, tell the GM what you're trying to achieve. You can always achieve your aim, but the GM will give you one to four of the following conditions:
• It's going to take days/weeks/months
• First you must…
• You must get help from…
• It will require a complex set up (usually of psionically resonant crystals or crysteel)
• The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited
• You risk bringing a nightmarish creature from Xoriat or Dal Quor into the world
• You risk damaging your mind, temporarily losing a point of intelligence
• You will be haunted by visions and hallucinations until you find peace - mark XP if you act on them (XP can be marked in this way only once)

Help another to achieve their destiny
Maintain an ordered mind
Use your power to manipulate and deceive

If you are psionically focused, you can switch between foci without re-rolling
You can use the Kinetic Slam power without spending hold while in Telekinetic focus.

Your Load is 7+STR. You start the game with dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight).
Choose your clothing:
•  Leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
•  Elegant robes (0 weight)
Choose your armament:
•  Staff (close, two-handed, 1 weight)
•  Spear (close, thrown, near, 1 weight)
Choose one:
•  Adventuring gear (1 weight)
•  Bandages (0 weight)
•  3 coins

Advanced Moves
Expanded Mind
Learn one new power from a focus you know.

Discern Metarealities
When you activate your broader awareness of the world, when discerning realities you can ask the GM about invisible or insensible things.

When you use strict deduction to analyse your surroundings, you can discern realities with INT instead of WIS.

Powerful Brain
You gain one additional hold when you roll 7+ to gain psionic focus.

Broadened Mind
You know one additional psionic focus, and can learn powers tied to that focus.

Split Personality
You can gain the benefits of two foci simultaneously while psionically focused.

Choose a Power. Treat that power as if it were one level lower.

When you manifest a power, on a 10+ you can choose from the 7-9 list. If you do, choose one of these as well:
- The power's effects are maximised
- The power's targets are doubled

When you gain a level from 6-10, choose from these moves or the level 2-5 moves

Dream Tether
When you have time with a willing or helpless subject you can form a tether across dream space that binds you with them. You perceive what they perceive and can discern realities about someone tethered to you or their surroundings no matter the distance. Someone willingly tethered to you can communicate with you over the tether as if you were in the room with them.

Eclipsing Ego
When you use your power to control a person’s actions they have no memory of what you had them do and bear you no ill will.

Power Augmentation
When you deal damage to a creature you can force even more of your psionic energy into them—end your psionic focus and add your level to the damage dealt.
Powerful Mind
Replaces: Powerful Brain
You gain two additional hold when you roll 7+ to gain psionic focus.

Greater Amplification
Replaces: Amplification
When you manifest a power, on a 10-11 you have the option of choosing from the 7-9 list. If you do, you may choose one of these effects as well. On a 12+ you get to choose one of these effects for free:
•  The power’s effects are doubled
•  The power’s targets are doubled

Psionic Foci
While in this focus you can move objects you can see as if you were touching them. You must use your own strength score whilst doing this and you cannot perform feats that would require a roll.
While in this focus you can sense the emotions of anyone you can see.
While in this focus you can Discern Realities without close investigation or observation - the relevant evidence is immediately clear to you.
While in this focus you get +1 to one of Strength or Constitution (choose when you enter the focus)
While in this focus you move extremely quickly. You can use this focus to defy danger using Int when you would otherwise have to use Dex.

1st Level
Erasure - Telepathy
You overwhelm part of the Ego of your target, disassociating them from certain sensations. Choose a target and an object or person to erase. You prevent the target from perceiving in anyway the erased object or person. They can still notice effects on their environment that the object or person has, but they do not realise who or what is doing them. However, their subconscious and instincts are not affected by the erasure, so they will still flinch away from immediate danger, and might feel fear or excitement, even if they don't know why. This power ends when your psionic focus is broken.

Expunge - Metamorphosis
You manipulate your body to eliminate all poisons and sicknesses from yourself. Any mundane poison or disease you suffer from is instantly cured. If you touch a creature whilst manifesting this power you can transfer the poison or disease to it, in which case the poison or disease affects the creature as if it had just consumed/contracted it.

Kinetic Slam - Telekinesis
You violently push something with the force of your Ego. Deal your base damage, ignoring armour, and forcefully knock your target in any direction.

Levitation - Psychoportation
You use the power of your mind to fight against gravity. You can move yourself up and down freely, but not side to side.

Message - Telepathy
You reach across dreamspace to touch the mind of a person you are familiar with. That person receives an emotion, image, or direction, and knows that it comes from you.

Mindsense - Clairvoyance
You expand your mind, and become more sensitive to those of others. You can sense the presence of minds close to you, and how powerful they are (i.e. roughly how intelligent they are (e.g. 'animal', 'dull', 'genius', 'god') and whether they have psionic power). You cannot detect mindless creatures with this ability, such as zombies, oozes, and automata.

Thick Skin - Metamorphosis
You cause your skin to thicken and harden. You get +1 armour but -1 dexterity until your psionic focus is broken.

3rd Level
Explosion - Telekinesis
You overwhelm an object with pure psionic energy. You cause one non-magical object no bigger than you to explode, dealing your base damage to everyone around it.

Mimic - Metamorphosis
You distort your body to mimic that of someone you have touched while in Metamorphic focus. Your physical characteristics match theirs exactly but your behaviour may not. This change persists until your psionic focus ends. You can supress your display, but if you do so you do not gain the benefits of your focus or powers (except for this one).

Mind Reader - Telepathy
You temporarily meld your Ego with another's. You become aware of what your target is thinking in that moment.

Relocate - Psychoportation
You teleport from your current position to anywhere you can see.

Shield - Telekinesis
You use psionic power to deflect an attack. You negate a physical attack on you or a nearby ally.

Trace - Clairvoyance
You become sensitive to the psychic imprints left on an object. You learn of the three most recent events that the object was involved in where people had strong emotions or used psionic powers.

Worldsense - Clairvoyance
You expand your mind and suddenly become aware of unbalance in the world. The GM reveal a Grim Portent to you, and tell you something useful about how you can interfere with its dark outcomes.

5th Level
Clarity - Clairvoyance
You expand your mind in a moment of perfect understanding. The GM will explain the root cause of the current situation. When acting on the information, you take +1 Forward.

Lightning - Telekinesis
You use the power of your Ego to bring pure electric power into being. You do 2d6 damage to a target you can see, ignoring armour, and the same amount damage to 1d4 of the nearest other creatures to your target.

Modify Memory - Telepathy
You reach into your target's mind, deleting, adding and altering memories as you wish. You can modify up to five minutes worth of the memories of a target you can see, either warping or erasing memories it already has, or adding ones it didn't have before. You must spend the full five minutes concentrating on changing the memories, during which time you cannot make moves. As long as the target is not recalling the memories you are tampering with while you manifest this power, it will not notice that its memories have changed, and will believe that the new memories are veridical (unless they are clearly illogical or out of character).

Polymorph - Metamorphosis
You reshape yourself entirely, and you remain in that form until your psionic focus ends. Describe to the GM the new shape you craft, including any stat changes, significant adaptations, or major weaknesses. The GM will then tell you about some unintended benefit or weakness of your new form. You can supress your display while polymorphed, but if you do so you do not gain the benefits of your focus or powers (except for this one).

Removal - Psychoportation
You and one creature you touch (willing or unwilling) are instantly transported to a spot you can see. You are then instantly transported back to where you were when you manifested this power.

Pass Through - Psychoportation
You bend space to your will, ignoring anything in your way. You walk a short distance, ignoring any obstacles in your path.

True Seeing - Clairvoyance
You open your vision to the true nature of everything you lay your eyes on. You pierce illusions and see things that have been hidden. The GM will describe the area before you ignoring any illusions and falsehoods, magical or otherwise, until your clairvoyant focus ends.

7th Level
Barrier - Telekinesis
You construct an invisible barrier around you and a few nearby allies. Nothing can pass through this barrier except for light and sound, and the barrier remains motionless in space. You can make small holes appear in the barrier if you want air to breathe in long periods, and you can make larger holes appear if you want. This power lasts until your psionic focus ends.

Dominate - Telepathy
You plant yourself deep inside the target’s mind. You gain Leverage over your target, and need make no promise when parleying with them except for freedom from your Power.

Dreadful Mutation - Metamorphosis
You draw on the stuff of nightmares in the realm of dreams to alter your body in a horrific way. Describe your mutation and its effect. Your mutation can increase the size of one die (for instance, deadly claws that increase your base damage to d8), or it can grant you some story-changing ability (for instance, nightmare wings that let you fly, or evil eyes that sense fear).
The mutation lasts until your metamorphic focus ends.

Mind's Eye - Clairvoyance
Name a person, place, or thing you want to learn about. You are filled with visions of your target, as clearly as if you were there.

My Light - Telekinesis
You concentrate your Ego to produce a blindingly powerful light. This light, which emanates from you and has a colour of your choice, is powerful against those who hold ideals strongly opposed to yours, or who are of a very different nature (e.g. humanoid vs undead, angel vs demon, aberration vs animal). It deals an extra 1d6 damage to every such creature that takes damage in the area. It also penetrates magical darkness produced by spells and powers of 5th level or lower. This power lasts until your psionic focus ends, or you dismiss it.

Psychic Extraction - Telepathy
You project your Ego far into an other's mind. You immediately know any one of the target's thoughts or memories about one particular place, person, object or topic.

Teleport - Psychoportation
You instantly transport yourself and your allies anywhere. Think of any place, object, or person that you have a clear mental image of. You and any allies touching you, as well as your and their personal effects, are instantly transported to that place. Using this power ends your psionic focus instantly, even if you still have hold. Some places have magical wards which prevent this kind of transportation.

9th Level
Remake - Telepathy
You enter a deep meditative state, reaching deep into your target's mind and changing it to your will. Your target must be unconscious or willing. You alter one of their memories, ideals, hopes, habits or fears as you wish. Manifesting this power multiple times on the same target is dangerous for the both of you - every time beyond the first that you manifest this power on a target, they lose 1 point of Intelligence, and you acquire one of their memories, ideals, hopes, habits or fears, as determined by the GM.

Revelation - Clairvoyance
Describe an event. The GM will tell you when that event has most recently occurred, no matter where you are or how far away the event is. If you choose, you can view the location of the event as though you were there in person.

Summon - Psychoportation
You search through space for a particular psychic imprint. Think of an object or creature that you have seen or touched (or have sensed through a Clairvoyant power). That object or creature is immediately brought to you.

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You should probably label the edition you're using in the title of the thread. You can edit the thread title from the homebrew forum by double clicking in the box outside of the title link for thirty days after you've created it. Handy. :smallwink:

By the way, I kind of miss that name generator thread where we made a bunch of stuff based on those sites' generations. EDIT: This (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=156187). Good times, yo. :smallamused:

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Dungeon World isn't even D&D, Temotei.

It's this (http://www.dungeonworldsrd.com/), a game based off the *World engine.

I rather like what you've got here.

2014-03-21, 11:26 AM
Oh yeah, the random hombrew! I enjoyed that - I might start it up again now I'm visiting giantitp more often. And yes, Dungeon World is a system in it's own right, not an edition of D&D - I've gone off D&D for now and favour simpler systems like DW, Apocalypse World, and Rivers and Lakes. Anyway, this Psion is supposed to be a flexible magic-class, but not overlap with the Wizard too much, since it has more combat abilities. Also, I've experimented with a DW Wizard redesign which I might post on here.