View Full Version : A [Hopeful] Next Brainstorming Thread.

2014-03-31, 02:43 PM
Just a positive little thread for those who wish to Brainstorm idea for Next with the new edition coming out. Campaign building/character stuff. Nothing too heavy, but a place to air ideas on what you will do with the Basic Set and the PHB when you have your copies. (Or the current Playtest packet).

Please take your issues with Next (if you have them) to your own thread. I'd rather keep the edition sniping out of here.

Welcome Dungeonieers!

A new edition is almost upon us and we have a new set of rules, new takes on old classes, and a fresh start to build all sorts of cool things in our monster infested lands. Let us kick that off with an outpouring of new ideas, creative takes on old ones, fanboy/girlism, and generaly chattering about what we want or will do with 5E D&D!

Let me kick us off. I've been doing a bit of tinkering on a homebrew campaign world. I've been wanting to explore the idea of Bards as Leaders. A nation of Bard Warriors who sing armies into battle and have a royal family and nobel class that values artistic talent as much as they do combat skill. More of cultural thing I'd love to use musical elements in the adventure itself. Magical items named after artists, poems, songs, etc.

If I was to point at a JRPG inspiration Tales of Symphoia or The Abyss would be good ones to start with.