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2007-02-04, 12:07 PM
This came up in a discussion in the Town a while ago, so I went ahead and made it.


Tharivol Liadon was apprenticed to a great mage, and was his most trusted student. That is why he had his job, to watch a cluster of 10 dragon eggs.

He had asked his teacher there significance, he was told "You shall see."

He watched the eggs day after day, his master checking in every once in a while.

One day, he saw several eggs move, and he told his master. They both went to the eggs, at a speed he had never seen his master move at.

They arrived and waited.

And watied.

Until there was a crack from one of the eggs.

"It's hatching, sir," Tharivol said to his master, who had dosed off slightly, old as he was.

"Good" was his master's only word.

"What type of dragons are these?"

"That is a very long story, and one I doubt you would want to hear."

"But I would sir."

"All right then, it all happened about a year ago. I had managed to dominate a pair of dragons, a White Dragon and a Red Dragon."

"Realy? I thought that was impossible?"

"It should have been but I--"

*CRACK* went one of the eggs, covering up his next words.

"--Anyway, I managed to get the female Red Drag--"


"--White, and these eggs were the result. Look at that, one of the eggs is almost ha--"

With a crack like thunder, one of the eggs burst open, and a pinkish dragon crawled out.

The master walked over and lifted up the wyrmling, looking it all over, mentally taking notes. He put the dragon down as more eggs hatched a few minutes later. After all the eggs hatched, he went over to Tharivol.

"Tharivol. . ."


"I have succeded."

Many years later:

As time passed, Tharivol noticed his master becoming more and more obsessed with the dragons, ignoring other projects and even lesser apprentices.

His project was not very secret however, and many Druids and Paladins knew about his experiment.

A great meeting was called to decide what to do about it.

The Druids and Paladins were split as to what must be done. Some believed in wiping the wizard and his experiment off the face of the world, others wanted to talk him into discontinuing the experiment.

Several Metallic Dragons heard of the meeting, heard the case and managed to turn the vote in favor of destroying the Wizard.

Of course, he knew nothing of this. . .

Several weeks later:

The Paladins, Druids and Dragons approached the wizard's tower, with a small army behind them. The wizards in the tower were to preocupied to notice them, and the only one capible of it was obsessed with one thing, and did not notice.

Until the front door to the tower caved in and arrows flew through the opening.

His lesser apprentices fell quickly and the tower was almost taken within 20 minutes.

The wizard locked himself inside the Dragon's enclosure and encouraged them to take off and leave.

They did, and moments later the door to the enclosure was broken down.

The wizard held them off for several minutes, enough for the dragons to get almost a mile and a half away.

He was eventually shot through the heart with an arrow, and he spoke his last words.

"At least the dragons escaped. . ."


Behold! The ROSE DRAGON!

The Rose Dragon
Environment Anywhere
Organization As Red Dragon
Challenge Rating As Red Dragon for each age category
Treasure Triple Standard
Alignment Always CE
Advancement As Red Dragon
Level Adjustment --

The Dragon appears to be a light red, approaching pink. It has small horns sweeping back along its head. At the back of its head it has a large frill, which shrinks as it goes down the neck. The snout appears to almost be a beak.

Rose Dragons are the result of an experiment by an evil wizard, whose name has been lost to time.
They live only for the hunt, though they do build large hoards from what they recover from bodies. Some Rose Dragons have pursued a single target for decades, with the target living in fear of attack much of the time.

These dragons tend to relatively antisocial, except when knowledge is involved. At these times they tend to be very talkative, trying to outdo the other person using sheer amounts of knowledge. Of course, this can be used to pry information out of them, if you have the time and facts.

The actual scales of a Rose Dragon change little as they age, though the eyes vary greatly. At a young age the eyes are deep red, but become closer to pink as they age, to a dull pink as Great Wyrms.

The Wings of a Rose Dragon are very oversized for their bodies, being closer to Red Dragon wings, while the body is about the average between the Red and White Dragon Parents.

The lair of a Rose Dragon usually has only 3 rooms, a Bedchamber, a Hoard Room, and a Reading Room. The Reading Room often has few books to start, but tends to enlarge to 10's of 1000s at Wyrm ages. Very few of the Tomes are actually magical, but all contain accurate information. They are very carefully organized and the Rose Dragon is the only one allowed to handle the books, unless permission has been given to someone else.


Rose Dragons do not often fight in the open, prefering to ambush the enemy.

Breath Weapon (Su): A Rose Dragon has 2 types of breath weapons, a cone of ice and a cone of fire.
Spell-like abilities: Invisibility 3/day (Juvenile or older), Scry 1/day (Old or older), Greater Invisibility 1/day (Ancient or older), Greater Scry 1/day (Great Wyrm or older).
Skills: Appraise, Bluff, Jump, Hide, Move Silently, and Swim are all considered class skills for a Rose Dragon.
Wing: Rose Dragons have oversized wings and may treat their wing attack as being one size category larger.

I can't get the tables to work.
The HD and HP are as a Red Dragon.
The Str and Con are the same as a Red Dragon minus one. Dex is the same. Int, Wis, and Cha are the same as a Red Dragin minus 4. Base attack is Red Dragon minus 2, and the grapple and attack should be adjusted appropriately.
Fort and Ref are the same as a Red Dragon. Will Save is the same as a White Dragon. The Breath Weapons are Both 2d8 and increase by 2d8 each age category to 24d8 at Great Wyrm. The DC is as a Red Dragon.
No frightful presence until Young Adult, at which point the DC is 19, and increases by 2 each age category.
Sizes go as follows: (S,M,M,M,L,L,L,H,H,H,G,G)

Immune to Fire and Cold at all ages.
See the Spell like abilities for the spell like abilities.
Damage resistance as a White Dragon.
Caster level 1 at Juvenile, increases by 2 every age category to 17th at Great Wyrm.
Spell Resistance starts at 16 Juvinile increasing by two each age category to 30 at Great Wyrm.
Speed is 50ft.
Flies at Red Dragon Speed, with White Dragon precision.
No Initiative.
AC as Red Dragon with a -2 to Natural Armor.


Any comments?

2007-02-04, 12:26 PM
They are kind of sick, but could you put a bit more fluff in?

2007-02-04, 12:29 PM
I'm working on more fluff now actually.

2007-02-04, 03:22 PM
I love it, especially the backstory. I don't know how good the other dragons are, so I can't tell if it is balanced, but you put the DC at red +2 and most of the abilities look like red minus 1 to 4. You sure they come out more powerful?

Also, you wrote "The Breath Weapons" does this mean they have both red and white dragon breath weapons? If so, do they get a shared amount of uses, and if so how much is it compared to a normal number of dragon breath weapon uses?

2007-02-04, 03:24 PM
A normal dragon has no limit on his breath weapon except that he can't use it for 1d4 rounds after the last one.

2007-02-04, 03:31 PM
Thanks. The back-story was my favorite part of creating the dragon.

Do you mean CR?

The Red CR +2 was just a working number, I wrote that on paper before determining specifics. In retrospect, I think it should just be Red Dragon DC.

It has both the Red and White breath weapons, except that they both do 2d8 per age category, rather than the 1d6 for White and 2d10 for Red.