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2007-02-06, 05:16 PM
The reason for this class is simple. I have a dragonmarked character, and saw numerous feats, related to the dragonmark, that I wanted to take. However, it seemed that there was no way I would get all of the feats before going epic. So, I have a possible prestige class to give characters feats to bolster their dragonmarks. It's going to need a lot more work (I don't even have a name!) but I decided I'd post what I have and see what people thought.

Feel free to make any suggestions, as I'm partly counting on them to help build my class. I'm new at homebrewing classes.

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

+2|Bonus Dragonmark Feat

+3|Bonus Dragonmark Feat

+3|Bonus Dragonmark Feat[/table]

Race: Must be member of appropriate dragonmarked race and house.
Feats: Least Dragonmark

For this class, a "dragonmark feat" is any feat that has a dragonmark as a prerequisite.

For BAB and saves for this class, I basically mimicked the dragonmark heir prestige class, as that class shares the "improve your dragonmark" main idea.

The prereqs are the bare minimum. I slapped them together while posting this.

(I'm not very good at planning, has everyone noticed?)