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2007-02-07, 11:16 AM
The remeschs are an unpopular race who attack others blindly and without reason.

Physical Description
Remeschs at first look like living breathing Gargoyles. Then you notice the limbs. They have six limbs and one pair of wings. On their upper forelegs they have a pair of wicked scythe-like blades measuring a foot long. On the second pair they have delicate, fragile looking hands that are extremely dexterous. On their extremely muscular hind legs they have a curved claw. Their wings are short and stubby. On average they are 4’6” to 5’4” with a wingspan identical to their height.

Remeschs are a violent, combat oriented race who enjoys terrorizing villages and settlements. They are tricksters and schemers and enjoy others misfortunes.

Remesch Lands
These winged terrors inhabit high cliffs and mountainous areas that have river valleys to hunt in. they are a matrilineal species and divide themselves politically by which elder female they are descended from. Each Community usually has at least 4 elders of different lines.

Remeschs are enemies of smallfolk of all types. The size and stature o fhalflings and gnomes makes them perfect targets for Remesch death-squads. Most races find remeschs overly aggressive.

Remeschs are almost always chaotic in alignment especially those living in remesch communities.

Remeschs worship Eschkweey (pronounced “esh-quay”) a multilimbed remesch-like figure. His domains are War, Chaos, and Destruction

• +4 dex, -2 int, -2 cha
• Medium Size
• 20 ft move, 40 ft fly
• Scent- remeschs can pick up scents on the wind.
• Grafting- remeschs are well known for their medical prowess. They have developed ways to graft tissues from one creature to another. If they lose an arm or a limb they can take that of a fallen comrade and have it grafted to themselves.
• Remeschs gain +2 racial bonuses to the skills intimidate, and heal, and a +6 bonus to jump.
• Glide- the remeschs small stubby wings allow it to glide from high places, it will often jump high in the air and then silently swoop down on its prey or its target. They use this when they want to be tactical and quiet. Their glide speed is 30ft.
• Quick reflexes- remeschs are nimble and quick, therefore they have a +2 racial bonus on reflex saves.
• Automatic Languages: remesch, draconic. Bonus Languages: common, undercommon, infernal.
• Favored Class- fighter

2007-02-07, 02:14 PM
" • 20 ft move, 40 ft fly"
Do they glide or fly?
Grafting is it a racial thing? Are they more accepting of graft medicine?
La? 3???

2007-02-07, 02:49 PM
If by "player race" you mean LA +0, than no way. This is way to powerful to be a normal player race.

2007-02-07, 03:39 PM
If by "player race" you mean LA +0, than no way. This is way to powerful to be a normal player race.

they were originally intended as a player race in a campaign world where the races are completely new.... the version I present you with now is that original design... so yes they are overpowered. an LA+1 or 2 would be good

2007-02-07, 04:49 PM
I agree, +1 or 2 would be good, because having flying, a +2 dex, and Grafting, however it works, is pretty overpowered. I like the idea though, but it might make a better enemy group than PC or Villain.

2007-02-07, 05:37 PM
yeah ok. I can see how overpowered they are now... i can see them being a good enemy group though thanks for the ideas. Possibly living in harmony with gargoyles... Maybe the ancient ancestor of the gargoyles.

" • Grafting is it a racial thing? Are they more accepting of graft medicine?
its a racial thing they developed because of their caste sstem. they graft extra little bits onto themselves to denote rank and power. It also allows them to do the following above.... theres a whole system of penalties for adapting to a grafted limb or part... i can work up a chart if you want to see how i worked the system.