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2007-02-07, 05:37 PM
hey id like to see what people think of this base class. Fluff text and feats will be forth coming

HD: D8
BAB: medium
Saves: poor fort, good ref and will

Simple weapon proficiency plus 1 martial weapon
Light armour proficiency

Spells per day/know, as bard but take from the sorcerer/wizard list
Casts as per sorcerer

Skills as per bard, 6 +Int

Class abilities:
Armoured caster: light armour

Sphere of Chaos familiar: At first level you gain access to the Sphere of Chaos familiar, this floats just next to your shoulder. As long as your Sphere of Chaos familiar is alive you can you use the spell like abilities it grates you. The familiar increase in power as your increase in levels of chaos magus, as if they where levels of wizard and it was a familiar.

Save for the spell like ability are 10+charisma mod+ 1/2 the class level you again it

3rd level
Sphere of Chaos: Skin Shift at will
These requires a ranged touch attack, 30ft+10ft per 2 caster levels, deals 1d4 per levels max 20d4, and becomes nauseated, save for half damage and not nauseated. Standard action provokes Attack of opportunity

6th level
Sphere of Chaos: Damage shift 3/day+ charisma modifier
30ft radius centred on self, deals 1d8 per 2 levels, max 5d8 to every with 30ft, save for half damage. Also heals the chaos magus, 1d8 per 2 levels, max 5d8. Standard action provokes Attack of opportunity

9th level
Sphere of Chaos: Greater damage shift 1/day+charisma modifier
60ft ranged touch attack, deals 1d10 per 2 levels, max 10d10 save for half damage, and also heals the chaos magus for 1 d10 per 2 levels, max 10 d10. Standard action provokes Attack of opportunity

12th level
Force of self: You add your charisma modifier as a bonus to damage and healing done by your Sphere of chaos abilities

15th level
Sphere of Chaos: Spell absorbing
For a number of rounds equal 3+charisma modifier, you gain SR: equal to 10 plus 1/2 your level plus your con modifier.

20th level
Sphere of Chaos: annihilating rejuvenation once per year, when you die within the next 10 rounds, you can force 1 creature to make a will save, if the save is failed, the target dies, and you are resurrected as per the true resurrection spell. If the target passes the save it takes 10d6 damage if the target dies from this damage you are still resurrected, but only as per the resurrection spell.

Sphere of Chaos familiar:

Tiny outsider (Chaos, native)
Hit dice 2d8+4(13)
Initiative +4
Speed 20ft (fly, perfect)
Armour class: 14(+2 size, +1 dex, +1 natural) touch 12, flat footed 13
Base attack/grapple +2/-6
Attack chaos blast +5 ranged (1d4+1)
Full attack chaos blast +5 ranged (1d4+1)
Space/reach 2-1/2ft/0ft
Special attack: chaos blast
Special quality: Amorphous, evasion
Saves: fort +5, ref +4, will +4
Abilities: str 10, dex 13, con 15, int 6, wis 13, cha 13
Skills: Diplomacy:+3,Hide +14, Knowledge (history) +3, listen +6, move silently+6, sense motive +6, spot +6
Feats: improved initiative

2007-02-07, 06:33 PM

Extra Damage shift:
Prerequisite: level 6 chaos sphere magus
Grants you 3 extra damage shifts per day
Special: can be take multiply times

Extra greater damage shift:
Prerequisite: level 9 chaos sphere magus
Grants you 1 extra damage shifts per day
Special: can be take multiply times

Extra Sphere:
Prerequisite: level 10 chaos sphere magus
Grants you 1 extra Chaos sphere familiar you level for this familiar is half your total chaos sphere magus.

Creature of Chaos:
Prerequisite: level 12 chaos sphere magus
You gain the insectile template

Body of Chaos:
Prerequisite: level 15 chaos sphere magus
You gain damage reduction 5+con modifier/law

2007-02-07, 07:25 PM
full casters should never have more than d4 hitpoints per level. its just one of those things. if you wanted to give them extra hitpoints, give them a bonus feat list and make toughness one of their bonus feats. to clarify, a bonus feat list is a list of bonus feats a character gets, like the fighters list of bonus feats.

can we expect the balancing counterpart, Order sphere magus?

2007-02-07, 07:51 PM
Its not full caster, as he only gets 0-6th spells .

and yes im working on the order sphere magus, it'll be a bit more of a fighter with his sphere abilitys boosting his combat abilitys.

2007-02-07, 10:02 PM
is it just me, or is that chaos shpere a little overpowered? i mean, it's level 20, but he can use a level 3 ability to have infinite 20d4 attacks at 130ft.

2007-02-07, 10:27 PM
20d4, so an average of around 20+charisma damage per round with spell resistence and save for half damage. where as a warlock can do 9d6 with an average of 17pts of damage, with no SP or save for half(if using vitrolic blast), with damage over time, at level 20 at range 250 with eldritch spear.

so where as the damage is a little higher in one go, there are more defrences agaist it and teh damage over time levels the damage to the same.

2007-02-08, 04:25 PM
i've never heard of a warlock class, so i don't know about that, but taking the average of 20d4 even if they make their reflex save is 20. not all that much at level 20, but then you take that they will be nauseated, plus he can do this as much as he wants. and what's the will save on the resurrection spell? and the DR feat also seems a little..strong

2007-02-08, 04:50 PM
The warlock class, is in complete arcane,

the save works out for the ress spell of 20+charisma mod

I may drop the DR feat down to you gain charisma mod/law instead of 5+charisma mod/law

2007-02-08, 11:27 PM
The Chaos sphere magus, are casters who have learned to summon and control, one of the Chaos spheres. The First magus’s with of the strange spider race of Aranea and the most powerful of them still are. They are at war with the Order Sphere knights, none are sure of there true purpose be it to be chaos to the world, to control the world or something darker.

The role of the Chaos Sphere magus, is to provide support arcane spells, and ranged fire power. Also secondary melee fighter

Any Chaotic

The Chaos sphere magus is a hybrid caster, who can hold his own in combat, with the right mix of buff spells, he can become a good warrior, backed up my his Chaos Sphere.

Other Classes
Chaos Sphere magus gets on well with any character with a chaotic alignment, so natural do not get on well with paladins and clerics of lawful gods. And are actively fighting against the Order Sphere knights

A Chaos Sphere magus’ most important stat is Charisma, followed by dexterity and Constitution