View Full Version : Wanda and Misery

2007-02-08, 11:21 PM
Misery is a character from the Japanese freeware game Cave Story (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_Story). Does anyone else see a striking resemblance? They look kind of similar, and they act a bit similar as well. I wonder if that means Parson is Balrog.

By the way, I'm a new member, so if I'm doing something wrong please let me know. Am I allowed to link to Wikipedia? Some forums don't like that for some reason.

2007-02-09, 07:24 AM
Haha parson is totally Barlog. Huzzah!

2007-02-09, 12:04 PM
No, Misery was much happier. I'd even go as far as cheerful.
Wanda never laughs.

2007-02-09, 12:12 PM
Really? I imagined her as only being happy because she was doing something she enjoyed, but still being unhappy about being under control by the crown. And what little we've seen of Wanda, we don't know if there something out there she enjoys.

2007-02-12, 10:09 AM
Misery was cheerfully sadistic, Wanda isn't cheerful.

Yes, that sentence is just an excuse for posting: YAY for Cave Story!