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2007-02-10, 08:04 PM
Now lets see if I can phrase this correctly. Belkar's leaping attack schtick adds +1 range and +1 attack to his twin daggers. I understand that it gives him the ability to jump into a different room with the above benefits but is not able to continue attacking after the first monster. And also that it lets him attack flying creatures that are in the same room.

Now here is where my group became conflicted. First, does the leaping attack bonuses to attack always apply to the daggers (so permanently increase the attack power and range) or only when doing the leaping attack (i.e. attacking into a different room). So if belkar started in a room that had multiple critters and he successfully defended against the first, do his daggers gain the attack bonus on the second even though he is not leaping? And if he does gain the bonus to attack does apply is belkar restricted to only attacking once with the leaping bonus and then can not keep attacking?

Hope all that made sense, and thanks advance for the help:)

Totally Guy
2007-02-10, 09:04 PM
He gains the extra attack at range 0 as well. I read it to be a similar situation to the one where Haley stoots a flying monster at range zero by using a shtick with range greater than zero.

You're asking if using the benefits of a leaping attack at range zero ceases the combat as if you had changed room. When you choose a shtick to battle with you don't choose ever actually choose leaping attack as it's a support card for Twin Daggers, you choose Twin Daggers.

When you choose Twin Daggers I don't think you actually choose whether to use a leaping attack or not, it's implied, as this is Belkar's primary combat shtick it seems a little unfair to expect him to cease combat whenever he uses it. As such I think the leaping attack bestows a permanant benefit to the Twin Daggers shtick.

The Giant
2007-02-11, 04:40 AM
Leaping Attack has three benefits that are not related to one another:
• +1 Attack when using Twin Daggers of Doom
• +1 Range when using Twin Daggers of Doom
• After you the battle, you must move into a room that you Attacked if that room was not the room you were standing in. You may not battle additional monsters in that room if you do this.

There is no such thing as "when leaping"; if you are using Twin Daggers of Doom, you get +1 Attack and +1 Range, regardless of what range you attack your foe at. The phrase, "If you Attack into a room..." is an indicator of what happens if you make a Ranged Attack with TDoD; you don't Attack into a room if you're standing in that room. Thus, everything after the words "If you Attack into a room..." only apply if the Attack was a Ranged Attack.

2007-02-11, 06:49 AM
Thanks for the responses, cleared up quite a bit!

On a side note, any chance that the expansion will be out by Origins this year or ...?:)

2007-02-11, 03:51 PM
Thanks for the clarification, I had been wondering about this too. My friends and I have been playing this schtick wrong -- it might be a good one to go into the FAQ.