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DM Nate
2014-05-07, 07:35 AM
I currently live in an out-of-the-way town in the country of Taiwan, and it's difficult for me to even get a physical group of English-speakers to play together, much less anyone to trade ideas with about it.

I would appreciate any ideas or constructive criticism you have of my homebrewed 3.5e campaign so far, which I've handily chronicled on the following website:

www.DarkHaunt.net (http://www.darkhaunt.net)

Disclaimer: I've personally rated the site as PG-13 for disturbing imagery, mild language, and violence.

Since it's a homebrewed campaign, you might notice some of the following oddities:

A steampunkish "Victorian Rome" setting, with an oft-visited Shadow version of the same.
All magic requires an HP expenditure equal to the level of the spell, but is automatically empowered.
Players can only use the classes listed in Magic of Incarnum and Ghostwalk, and a handful of races.
All PCs are ghosts!

There's a lot more than just that on the website, and a lot more that the PCs haven't discovered yet. (I didn't give them a giant data-dump at the start of the campaign, instead posting new rules and options as they discovered it in-game.) However, I would appreciate any reactions you may have.

Thanks in advance!

DM Nate
2014-05-21, 01:56 PM
Our latest session is up! Clocking in at about 8,000 words, I decided to split it into two parts for easier reading:

Part 6: Carnival of the Macabre (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1566)

Part 7: Carousel of Death (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=1882)

Brief Teaser: Would you go to bed without guards, while disfigured clowns watched you as you slept? MY party did.

DM Nate
2014-08-09, 04:25 PM
We've completed a new story arc! The spirits visit a cult on the city's wharf, in a quest to learn the secrets of ghostly possession. However, they quickly find themselves racing against time to stop the birth of a Shadow Plane demi-god and the death of everyone in the congregation.

Part 8: A Messy Affair (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=2089)

Part 9: Umbilicus (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=2398)

Part 10: Invitation to Disaster (http://darkhaunt.wormholes.info/?p=2448)