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2007-02-11, 10:58 PM
I'm getting back in the swing of D&D (on the side, while still GMing RuneQuest), and writing up an NPC for my Faerūn campaign. A male sun elf ghost 20th-level wizard (well, Wizard/Master Specialist/Olin Gisir/Loremaster/Archmage). Following the Olin Gisir fluff, he's a Divination specialist, minoring in Conjuration (summoning monsters, mostly). I need some help with good spells to pick from those two schools. PHB, Spell Compendium, all various Forgotten Realms books, Complete Mage, Complete Scoundrel, Book of Exalted Deeds, Frostburn, Sandstorm, and Stormwrack are all game. Any general or FR-specific D&D supplement, really.

2007-02-11, 11:07 PM
Olin Gisir is located where?

2007-02-11, 11:08 PM
I am also assuming the older completes such as Complete Arcane are also game?

2007-02-11, 11:11 PM
The spells from the four old Completes are all in the Spell Compendium, so yeah.

The classes don't make any real difference, but Olin Gisir is in Lost Empires of Faerūn. All the classes have full casting progression.

2007-02-12, 03:30 AM
Search trough this list (http://www.devinweb.com/wizardspells.htm). It is a huge compiled list virtually all D&D 3.5 sorcerer/wizard spells with short descriptions. And quite up to date.

Search for Cnj and Div with your browser.

2007-02-12, 03:46 AM
wow, that link is awesome...

2007-02-12, 08:16 AM
Amiria... I... I love you.

edit: warning theres non WotC sources on the page - but I made an excel sheet of all the WotC spells. PM me with an email address if you want it.

2007-02-12, 01:12 PM
Yeah, the Therran Lists are very handy, they should be in this thread for usefuld D&D links.

But there aren't that many Forgotten Realms books in the lists, i.e. Charmpions of Ruin, Champions of Valor and Lost Empires of Faerūn are missing. But I believe that Thomas has all FR 3.0 and 3.5 books anyway.