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2014-05-14, 11:08 AM
I'm in the process of designing a new creature, formed from dead torture victims. it brings other skeletons under it's control, and chains them to it, literally. It's nowhere near finished, but i was wondering what you guys thought of it, and what is an appropriate CR.

Hive skeleton

immune to turn/command undead feats
+8 to saves VS control undead spell.
Contains up to 6 skeletons- must be medium
3/4s of damage attacks the communal HP, attacks the skeleton who takes the damaged
center undead is weak point, 10 hp of damage kills it
immune to sneak attacks
can release and acquire skeletons- captures as an evil cleric commanding with hit dice = total hit dice of hive.
Center casts SLAs as an evil cleric equal to its hit dice (CHA based)
center must be no less than 1/3 of total hit dice
controlled skeletons can be no further than 3(2?) spaces from the center creature
spaces in a line between skeletons and the center creature are difficult terrain.
Undead are freed if chains are sundered- 40HP hardness 20
Touch attacks can be used, by the center, on the skeletons, and can be divided without using the mass version
center is immune to positive energy, 100% or damage from those attacks is redirected to the pool
pool HP increases by 1 hit die per skeleton- lost 1 day after they are destroyed- immediately if released
feats add with HD of center+half HD of skeletons (round down individually) as class level in this order- lost 1 day after skeletons are destroyed-- immediately if released
improved initiative-3
iron will-5
power attack-7
spell focus (necromancy)-9
lightning reflexes-11
blind fight-13
improved iron will-15
greater spell focus-17
improved lighting reflexes-19
improved blind fight-21

SLA's can be centered on any skeleton. Range is determined from the center skeleton
Detect undead- constant
inflict light wounds 3/day-1
bane 1/day-1
entropic shield (rounds can be divided between multiple skeletons/center) 1/day- 3
ray of enfeeblement 1/day-5
inflict light wounds 6/day-6
death knell 1/day-7
desecrate 1/day-9
entropic shield- constant (center only)-10
inflict light wounds- at will-11
inflict moderate wounds 1/day-13
ray of enfeeblement- 3/day-17
death knell 3/day -19
vision of hell 1/day -21

Pool HP=18hd (6d8+12d8+90)171
center HD=6
Center HP=10
center AC=10


standard skeletons
2 hit dice

HP (2d8+10) 19

10 (20 from center)