View Full Version : Running red hand of doom in 5e

2014-05-18, 02:14 AM

I want to give the 3.5 module red hand of doom a try with the new system. I found a table to revamp the monster and I found a thread about the module where things get tweaked for a smooth story and better monster.
when I was reading through the monsters I was wondering or they will match up and if they are a bit overpowered for the next PC's.
does anyone have any experience in running this module in 5E or converting an other old module to 5e.
and can you tell me how they match up? in a lot of forums they say just convert the monsters and mecanics and run the module, but I can see its getting way harder and a lot of pc's will die, a couple of deaths are oke but a lot isn't that fun.
esspecialy the spellcasters are hard to restat with all the spells 5e is lacking, and also all the feats that dont exist anymore, together with all the potions and special actions 5e is missing converting this module is a lot of work that I think needs to be done with care.

So can you give me some advise or tips on how to run this?