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2014-05-18, 04:42 PM
Some new forms for this project (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?64182-Avatar-Project-Forms-Compendium), of which I am definitely late to the game.

Leaping Defender
Deflect Attack + Pillar = Earthbending DC 24
The arrow was flying at the old man, seeking to rid the world of its old earth king. A mighty earthbender struck beneath his feet, using a pillar of stone to launch himself between the arrows and the king. With a twist of his flying form, his body was interposed between the king and the bolt. The burly hero stood up and turned to the would-be assassin, "Next time, shoot a little faster."

The user of this form moves between a target and an attacker, blocking line of effect and sight for that attacker. If the attacker is using a melee attack, the user of the form can move into the square of their target ally and interrupt the attack as normal. The target square must be within 30ft. If this form is used to interrupt an enemy's attack, the attack continues against the Earthbender's AC, with the Earthbender as the new target.

Rock Shield
Earth Wall + Move a Rock = Earthbending DC 19

The Earth Nation soldiers moved in formation, lifting up large stone slabs to cover their flanks. They moved forward as a group, the stone they hefted serving as an impenetrable shell as they marched upon Fire Nation shores.

The user of this form creates a tower shield out of earth as a standard action that does not count towards exuberance, but instead slides with them as they move, providing the same AC bonus and cover as a normal tower shield. The user of this form is considered proficient with tower shield while using this form. This shield lasts for 4 rounds after creation. The duration can be increased by adding 4 to the dc for every extra round of duration.

Rocky Gauntlets
Move a Rock = Earthbending DC 9

Dipping his hands quickly in stone, Lhan covered his fist in a tough mixture of rock and dirt. As he punched the wooded door the second time, he heard a crack as his stone fist ruptured the oaken portal.

As a move action, the user of this form can cover their hands in stone, causing the next four of their unarmed strikes to deal damage equal to their Earthblast damage.

2014-05-18, 06:12 PM
Can they be added to the compendium? This stuff is mostly useful en masse.

2014-05-18, 06:56 PM
The person running the post last posted on this forum in 2009. In addition, the compendium never seemed to become very organized(Edit: Found this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?83598-Avatar-D20-Bending-Forms-Compendium-2)). Its highly unlikely that I could get them on the compendium. Instead, its nice to make something new for a well fleshed-out homebrew and bring a bit of life back to it.