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2007-02-14, 07:10 PM
Aura Flare:
You channel the power of your deity through your aura, rather than through ritualistic spellcraft.

Prerequisites: Aura of alignment class feature, ability to cast divine spells.

Benefit: A character who takes this feat loses its ability to cast divine spells from a chosen class that provides an aura of alignment. In return, it gains a supernatural ability to execute an aura flare, which it may perform once per day, plus one additional time per day per spell level that the character would normally be able to cast.

An aura flare affects a 20' radius area centered on the character. Within that area, all creatures of the same alignment as the aura are healed, while those with opposed alignments are damaged. The healing or damage inflicted is equal to 1d8 points (for faint auras), 2d8 (for moderate), 3d8 (for strong), or 4d8 (for overwhelming auras).

Healer’s Hands:
You are more skilled at the curative arts than most.

Prerequisites: Lay on Hands ability.

Benefit: Your Charisma modifier counts as two points higher for purposes of determining the amount of damage you can heal with your Lay on Hands ability.

Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.

Recover Healing:
You can channel more healing power at the expense of your remove disease ability.

Prerequisites: Lay on Hands, Remove Disease class feature.

Benefit: You may sacrifice one of your weekly uses of Remove Disease to restore your Lay on Hands ability to full. Doing this is a free action.

Remove Affliction:
You can cure afflictions with your Lay on Hands ability.

Prerequisites: Lay on Hands.

Benefit: You can cure conditions by spending points of Lay on Hands healing, as follows. Conditions marked with asterisks require you to be at least a 10th level paladin to cure.

Ability Damage: 1 point per 10 hp.
Ability Drain*: 1 point per 20 hp.
Blindness: 25 hp.
Charmed: 25 hp.
Compelled*: 50 hp.
Confusion: 25 hp.
Curses: 5 hp per caster level of the curse.
Daze: 10 hp.
Dazzle: 5 hp.
Deafness: 10 hp.
Energy Drain:
Negative Levels: 1 NL per 20 hp.
Drained Character Levels*: 1 level per 50 hp.
Exhausted: 25 hp.
Fatigued: 10 hp.
Frightened: 20 hp.
Panicked: 30 hp.
Shaken: 10 hp.
Nausea: 25 hp.
Paralysis: 30 hp.
Petrification*: 75 hp.
Sickened: 10 hp.
Stunned: 25 hp.

You have given up your ability to make single, devastating attacks in favor of a general increase to fighting ability against opposed foes.

Prerequisites: Smite ability.

Benefit: Upon taking this feat, choose a class that grants a smite ability. You lose the ability to make smite attacks from that class. Instead, for each daily use of the smite ability that you would normally gain (counting only uses gained from that class, not from feats or other classes) you get a +1 morale bonus on certain checks or stats (referred to as a zeal bonus). This check bonus only applies against opponents of the alignment you would normally smite. This feat cannot be taken in conjunction with an unaligned smite ability. The checks you may add this morale bonus to depend on the zealous feats you have selected.

Simply taking this feat allows you to add your zeal bonus to your saving throws against spells with the opposed alignment's descriptor or the spell-like abilities of outsiders with the opposed alignment's subtype.

Zealous Defense:
You zealously defend yourself from foes of opposed alignments.

Prerequisites: Zeal.

Benefit: You add your zeal bonus to your AC against foes of the appropriate alignment.

Zealous Pride:
You refuse to fail a test against a foe of an opposed alignment.

Prerequisites: Zeal.

Benefit: You add your zeal bonus to opposed checks against members of the appropriate alignment.

Zealous Fury:
You attack foes of opposed alignments with surprising ferocity.

Prerequisites: Zeal.

Benefit: You add your zeal bonus to weapon damage rolls against foes of the opposed alignment.

Zealous Offense:
You fight zealously against foes with opposed alignment.

Prerequisites: Zeal.

Benefit: You add your zeal bonus to attack rolls against foes of the opposed alignment.

Zealous Resilience:
You refuse to fall to foes of opposed alignment.

Prerequisites: Zeal, any two other zealous feats.

Benefit: You gain DR/- equal to your zeal bonus against foes of the opposed alignment.

Zealous Resistance:
You deny the hold of enemy magic.

Prerequisites: Zeal.

Benefit: You add your zeal bonus to your saving throws against spells and abilities used by foes of the opposed alignment. This effect stacks with the benefit of zeal when both are applicable.

2007-02-15, 07:37 PM
good job on making the almost useless remove disease feature do something. I think these should be divine feats, since they are powered by divine energy. make something that sacrifices turning attempts so you can lay on hands more.

2007-02-15, 07:48 PM
Hey good idea. Maybe something like...

Positive Channel [Divine]
You tap a single source of positive energy for your abilities.

Prerequisites: Lay on Hands, Turn Undead.

Benefit: When using your lay on hands ability, you may spend one daily use of your turn undead ability to heal additional damage equal to your effective cleric level for turning purposes (generally, your Paladin level - 3). You may do so multiple times in part of the same use of lay on hands. Excess healing is added back into your pool, up to your normal daily lay on hands maximum.

Alternately, when turning undead (or using divine feats), you may spend an amount of healing equal to your effective cleric level rather than spending a turn undead attempt.

2007-02-15, 07:57 PM
I'd have gone instead with:

You may add healing equal to your paladin level to determine how powerful of undead you may turn.

2007-02-15, 07:59 PM
Ah good idea. I was wondering how to get around the fact that you get 3+Cha turn uses, resulting in more than double healing capacity. Also lets a multiclassed paladin/cleric continue to improve its lay on hands some.::Goes to edit::

Duke of URL
2007-02-16, 12:19 PM
Aura Flare just seems too powerful -- it's capable of being a one-shot kill against any cross-aligned foe of comparable level in range. I think the damage dealt needs to be decreased by at least half.

2007-02-16, 01:02 PM
Whoa! Aura flare is way too strong! Not only that, but in the process of providing an unfair amount of damage and healing, it uses about 6 different variables...eesh.

The Zealous feats should only apply to smite attempts, not every attack. Otherwise it is too good. As for the defensive Zealous feats, those should apply for a limited time (say, a number of rounds equal to your Cha modifier) each time you smite an evil foe.

In general, these take too much bookkeeping and looking up in tables, especially Aura Flare and Remove Affliction. Streamline! We left arbitrary complexity behind in 2nd ed (really...).

2007-02-16, 02:57 PM
Hmm...I see the point about Aura Flare, and somewhat on Zeal. I think my error here is that I'm really looking at these more as alternate class features (in fact, most of these were taken from an alternate class I was working on). Although yeah, Aura Flare is more along the lines of a spell than a class feature. I'm going to go back and adjust some of the stronger ones so that they replace class features, rather than just being tack-on feats (and I'll tone down Aura Flare while I'm at it). Aura Flare can be in exchange for spell casting (the ability to heal allies and damage foes simultaneously--though to a much lesser degree than I had had it at--should make up for the lost versatility. Meanwhile, zeal can be in expense of smite attacks. Myself, I would like paladins to actually be better fighters against evil foes, rather than just getting a couple really good attacks per day and then being less capable than a fighter or raging barbarian.

2007-02-16, 07:47 PM
We left arbitrary complexity behind in 2nd ed (really...).

I nearly did a spit take when I read this.

I had thought Zeal did only apply to smite attempts. Why else would it ignore feats that give extra attempts?

I liked Aura flare as it was to be honest. I'm a paragon of good and law. If you're Chaotic and Evil, I'm going to lay the smack all down on you. I'd have said Paladin level/strength of aura d4 as damage. That way you're at one quarter level with a faint aura, one half with moderate and so on.