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Josh Inno
2007-02-15, 12:48 PM
Okay, so all the threads I've seen on this forum are D&D, but I'm currently also working on a D20 Starwars character and this IS the forum for D20/general gaming, so I figured this would be the best place to post, in case someone out there was actually familiar with Starwars.

I got shanghaied into a D20 KotOR (Knights of the Old Republic) game. We start out at level nine. The details that I have so far are below.

Starting the build at level 1, I've already convinced the DM to do some house rules for me. He and I are both fans of odd characters. Thus far the DM is going to actually do an Eternal hero's theme for those of his players that have entered into all 3 of his current online campaigns on RPOL.net, who wish to participate. So far I'm the only taker.

Unlike the standard Eternal Heros setup, my characters are all actually linked by an extra-reality mental being seeking to experience and understand corporeal life... sort of like a cross between the wormhole aliens from DS9 and the being that entered the world to experience life as a half Betazoid half human by being birthed by Counselor Troi.

In the Kotor game I am playing a female Faleen who has an odd form of telepathy wherein not only can she mentally speak to those nearby, but she influences their emotions with her own, and their emotions influence hers. This gives me a +1 bonus on just about all social rolls, still discussing stuff like Alter mind... but it also means I have a -1 penalty on saving throws vrs mind effecting effects, and my character has to make saving throws to avoid being swept up in strong emotions of a wild crowd.

The DM is also using a "darkside/lightside" scale, rather than darkside points, and my character will rise or plunge along the scale faster than most.

Further, we're using an optional "Sentinal" class. +8 skill points per level, ect.

The game is called Kotor: Relics of the Builders (http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=21483&gn=Starwars+D20+Kotor:+Relics+of+the+Builders).

I was able to get him to further modify the sentinel class into a 'herald' jedi class to give me diplomacy, sense motive, survival and entertain instead of demolitions, disable device, astronavigation, and forgery. So instead of being a Jedi that sneaks around to different worlds on my own, and blows #%^%# up, I'm a Jedi that goes to lots of worlds with different people in an atempt to solve problems without causing loss of life or limbs in the process, using words instead of sabers or demolitions charges. This includes worlds without the amenities a city-only Jedi would expect (like, water you don't have to fish out of a stream and boil before drinking, and places you can go to buy food).

Entertain is a hold over from her personal background of having been a slave who was going to wind up being a dancing girl, but managed to escape. She currently uses humor to disarm others (sometimes literally) and stories to make a point in diplomacy, and to help tutor junior students.

I'm going to be taking enough levels in the Telepath prestige class to keep my character as a Padawan for the moment.

To be honest, the DM trusts me enough he's let me begin play already. And thus far my charcter has already been the most convincing (in a group that includes Jedi masters) in talking to the council, has talked other Jedi into doing things, and has received visions from the force without seeking them, ones so potent she was thrashing around while uncontious. All without using the Falleen 10 meter area ranged "By the force, you are sexy incarnate!" pheromones (+1 diplomacy, bluff, gather info, intimidate and the like, +1 per hour I meditate to amp the pheramones, up to a total pheramone bonus of +4).

Currently, I'm debating on just how many levels of the telepath prestige class (From ultimate alien anthology) I'm going to take, and if I should take the Jedi healer prestige class (Hero's book, I believe), to round out my Jedi levels above 4 until I reach knighthood, or if I should continue down the path of the herald.

The character's background is that her Faleen parents died when she was quite young, she was sent to an orphanage, was adopted by a less than virtuous man, and was going to be trained to be a dancer, but escaped, somehow guided by the force. She managed to stumble upon a communal colony of Ithorians, and was taken to the nature priests there. They recognized her talent in the force, and sent a message to the Jedi to come for her. She was trained as a Jedi. After entering puberty, she went through several masters, in some cases due to accusations of impropriety, or being to soft on her, eventually she turned to the Ithorian Jedi healers for some of her training. For some time now she has been focusing mostly on healing, and the mental arts (thus my attraction to Jedi Healer, and the Telepath prestige classes).

Her primary mundane skills will be diplomacy and gather information, with a healthy side helping of bluff, sense motive, survival, tumble, Knowledge (Jedi Lore) and at least a seasoning of Craft (lightsaber).

I'm making her mostly defensive in combat, with defensive martial arts, light saber defense, and absorb energy (I was allowed to swap out blasters for martial arts in the starting feats, it's a standard modification the DM made. You can pick 3 from blasters, simple weapons, lightsabers, martial arts, and light armor).

Her main force skills will be empathy, affect mind, see force, heal self, heal other, and I'm debating on maybe force light, and that entangling skill Ithorian Nature priests tend to use to non-violently end combat.

I know the character. I know who she is, and her general areas of expertise in my head... I just don't know quite how to build her. Help?

Edit: The healer class is in the Power of the Jedi source book.

2007-02-15, 03:07 PM
Um... you seem to have more experience (or maybe just more splatbooks :smallbiggrin:) with d20 Star Wars than a great many of this forum's denizens.

I'd love to help, but I only have the core rules, and you're pulling in so much other material that I have little idea what you're on about now.

Josh Inno
2007-02-15, 03:59 PM
Ah. Thanks. Sorry for the confusion I may have caused.

Only referencing 2 splat books (where did that term come from anyway?) at the moment, but still... *sigh*

Basically, I'm trying to decide between Taking 6 ranks of treat injury as the prerequisite to get into the Jedi healer prestige class (I'm already going to have heal other), and loose 2 skill points per level and 'extend (defense and attack)...

In exchange for control (the 3rd access feat I'd be getting anyway at that level) and the equivalent of the Jedi consular's 'healing' ability at prestige class level 1 / character level 4, then the ability to spend double vitality to heal double the amount of vitality (class level 2) or wounds (class level 4) with one check (before I make the check to see how much I heal) and there was one other ability.

I'm -eventually- going to make Jedi knight, so I need to figure out where those 7 levels are coming from. After that, figuring out how many levels of each class/prestige class I'm going to start out with at campaign start of 9th level.

I like Jedi Healer, and it fits her semi-Ithorian upbringing, but the decrease in skill points isn't something I favor, and I really like the ability to extend my defense to others. Although there -is- a house ruling that you can get extend defense and attack as a force secret from the Jedi Master prestige class.

Although at the rate the DM is awarding me RP experience I may reach 11th level before anyone else reaches 10th. o.O I hope I have my character built by then.

2007-02-15, 10:20 PM
Well lets see, your strong in interacting with NPCs, so you may want to rework your background (Iíd say ditch the slave thing), and take a few levels of noble and muliclass into Jedi counselor. Falleen are a long-lived species so itís plausible for them to be able to pick up some levels in another class before becoming a Jedi. Thatíll give you access to contacts and resources as well as give you some charisma based abilities you can use to enhance your allies.
Oh wait youíve already started the gameÖ crap.

Josh Inno
2007-02-16, 12:16 PM
Slave dancer, trained for interacting with people in multiple ways.

As for consular, I've got that handled with my 'herald' build which is basically a home brewed cross between consular and sentinel.

Thus far, no one in the game really knows anything about my character's back story or history other than that she's good at dancing and playing a flute, and she's good at oration, and diplomacy... that, and that she's had a really funky vision, and there's some weird thing between her and Bastilla. I also was somewhat up front about the pheromones so that others could decide how those pheromones would affect them for themselves.

One big problem with multi classing to noble is that there's a rule in the multi classing section concerning force skills. Every level of noble I take is like a -1 penalty to my skill rank cap with all force based skills.

Also keep in mind that Padawans are reletively sequestered, and as a Padawan, my master is always the one I am to defer too... it's just that for some reason my character has trouble keeping masters.

That's the wierd thing with Bastila. Revan was one of my character's masters, but the DM says Bastilla and Revan have a thing going, and Bastilla used her considerable influence, a while back, to get Revan reassigned to doing something other than mentoring my character. Oy.

Anyway, this character, due to the eternal heros things, wasn't force sensitive until the extra-dimensional being decided she'd make a good host. She'd already been tested by the Jedi previously, and there was a record of it. That's a part of her history I like and want to keep. Also, Faleen tend to view the rest of the world as inferior, and don't want their kids being Jedi. This leads to her being an orphan. I also wanted her to have some performance training and a reason to run away... being trained to be a slave girl fit the bill.

I've got my base class. The big question now is if I go healer for jedi levels 4-7. I'd be trading 'extend attack and defense' and a total of 8 skill points for another +1 deflect bonus to defense, the ability to double my vitality expenditure in exchange for doubling vitality or wound healing, and get the ability to boost the healing of vitality or wounds I heal by 1 by spending 2 vitality to heal their vitality, or 3 vitality to heal 1 more wound point.