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2014-05-27, 05:23 PM
The following is the first stage in my Paladin/Cleric/Wizard rewrite (these three base classes will be replaced with prestige classes either of my own devising, or slightly modified versions of extant ones). Before I get into the specific details of the classes, I figured that I'd post the outline of the Order in question to see if more is needed there to establish the concepts.
The Order of The Sacred Page


During the third Goblin War (12804-12885), an Aprilian noble of House Ironhead served in the front lines as a wizard. The Third War was a particularly terrible one, with the invading goblin hordes marching behind demons that their shamans had bargained with or broken to their will, and with both sides finally resorting to terrible spells of mass destruction that wiped field and forest away even as they purged the land of the foe. When, finally, the last goblin sword fell to the earth, much of the continent lie in ruin, and civilization seemed on the very brink of collapse. Many prominent advances in the magical and mechanical arts were lost entirely, with the few examples of the newer technology being regarded almost as holy artifacts, for the secrets of their making were lost.

Worse still, from the young noble's perspective, was the loss of basic knowledge. Hundreds upon thousands of tomes had perished in flame, either as incidental destruction or the purposeful ravage of the foe. Even after the fighting ended, many of those that remained turned on the remaining libraries, blaming them for the horrible magics that turned Markavia into a barren wasteland.

Looking to the future, he knew that something must be done if the free peoples of the world were to survive. Gathering a host of houseless knights and wizards, he swore allegiance to the god of knowledge Ra'Most and the god of secrets Mirmostaras. He led this force into town and village alike, often by force, to collect the precious books that lie within. Thousands flocked to his banner, seeking food or protection from bandits, and it was with this force he lay siege to Kri'stak itself.

His followers now invested with the same fervor that marked him, great bloodshed was only averted when Emperor Martinas IV walked alone from the gates with an Imperial Charter establishing The Order Of The Sacred Page, and naming the young noble as the head of this new organization. Considering this to be the creation of a new House, young Ironblood called himself from that point onward Captain General Arturus Inkmaster, and established the very first chapterhouse in the capital that he so recently approached as a conqueror.

The mission of the Order would be threefold. First, they were to ensure that dangerous knowledge such as the true names of demons, the secrets of the darkest magics, or the true nature of dragons was kept as secure as possible. Second, they were to ensure that at least one copy of every known book was kept around at any given time, a task that would later keep entire legions of scribes busy. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they were to scatter the seeds of knowledge throughout the land, that no disaster could ever uproot them completely.
After the Second Titan War, the Order was greatly diminished. Very few survived, and most of the chapterhouses, including the Master House in Kri'stak were lost, possibly destroyed. The pious men and women of the Order remain undaunted, and seek to restore -to exceed- their former glory.

Standard: A book and torch on field sable.

Organization: The Order is divided into Librarians, who curry favor with the two gods; Knights, responsible for the art of war; and Arcanists, who devote themselves to the arts arcane. These are further divided into the Battle and Scribner factions, with the former devoted to defending and expanding the Order and the latter devoted to maintaining the collection. There are also the Squires and Initiates, young recruits in training.

Code of Conduct: There are two codes by which the Order is governed. All members are bound by the Oath to the Order Of The Sacred Page, while only the Battle Arm is bound by the Vow of Fealty to The Captain General. Violating the Oath is punishable by death, while breaking the Vow merely results in the violator being expelled from the Order, unless the Inquisition determines that the Vow was broken to maintain the Oath.

Oath to the Order of The Sacred Page
I will harm no book unless I know of a second copy, and even then only at great need.
I shall not willingly allow the spreading of the Black Library to those who wish to do evil, nor shall I withhold it from those that seek to oppose Evil.
I pledge my life and my very soul to the defense of the Sacred Collection against any foe, be it man, demon, or god.

Vow of Fealty to the Captain General

I shall name the Captain General of The Order Of The Sacred Page as my sole worldly master, renouncing all allegiance to others.
I shall obey all orders of those set above me without question.
I shall obtain any book that I do not know to be in the Sacred Collection by any means available to me, no matter the opposition.