View Full Version : Pathfinder Ideas for Wands as Implements [PF]

2014-05-28, 09:28 PM
I am a fan of the Harry Potter series, and personally liked the approach to wands in that series. I like the idea of it being a magical tool, and not the traditional disposable commodity of the D&D worlds.

Rules for new Wands:
1) Wands require the "Craft Wand" feat to create. However Craft Rod no longer exists.

2) Wands work as rods of metamagic, but also have the ability based on what is used to craft them to grant one 3 spells of spell variety per day. FOR EXAMPLE a cleric's Wand with a Phoenix feather core grants them that ability to freely use Cure Light Wounds as a charged item Like a typical wand of cure light wounds. Any character magical or otherwise can use the wand to cast said spell. HOWEVER it would take a magic user with knowledge of the spell to restore the wand once exhausted. (In my campaigns I tend to use spell points, so for double the cost in spell points a cleric could recharge the wand to full). But it would also say work as a Rod of Silent Spell lesser as just an example.

3) A spellcaster can only have one wand at a time attuned to them. This means the spellcaster can only use the metamagic aspect of the wand attuned to them, attempts to use another wand fail. The spell effects of another wand will work.

4) Attunement to a new wand requires a day of meditation and the sacrifice of a certain level of experience based on the power of said wand.

2014-05-30, 12:08 AM
Sounds like an interesting idea, have you tried playing a game using these rules?