View Full Version : Stanley's changed my view of Erfworld completely

2007-02-18, 01:13 PM
Gotta love that guy.

When the first 6 came out, it seemed so boring, especially compared to OotS. There just wasn't anything funny about it at all. I know some people will probably disagree, but that's just how it was for me. It seemed more like a war story your grandad would tell you than anything else. You know, it can be interesting in extremely small bits, but you'd never want to sit there and listen to it all.

I'm glad I gave it a chance though, since Parson got brought into Erfworld, Stanley's made it pretty funny. I still prefer OotS, but I actually want the next one to come out, instead of just hoping it will have changed.

He's easily the best character in it now. He was before Parson came in too, but with Parson around, he got loads better.

2007-02-19, 11:32 PM
I hear Foil is great for lots of things. Wrapping food, solar cooking hot dogs, protecting you from mind control...

2007-02-22, 12:44 AM
Stanley's awesome because 1.) He eliminated the joke rule on Parson, and 2.) the guy's a great nutcase.

Wouldn't want him running my country, but hey! At least he's fun!

2007-02-23, 08:02 PM
I have to agree, the Stanley-Parson chemistry carries the entire thing now and gets it to be entertaining. Add Wanda on top of that and it's actually quite good.

2007-02-23, 09:11 PM
Always wait 20 strips before making a descion on a webcomic