View Full Version : Prestige Class: Cavalier redux

2007-02-18, 02:43 PM
Alignment: any Lawful
Base Attack: +8
Feats: Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Spirited Charge, Weapon Focus: Lance
Skills: Handle Animal 5 ranks; Knowledge: Nobility & Royalty 5 ranks, Ride 11 ranks

HD: d10 Base Attack Bonus: +1 Favored Saving Throws: Fortitude

Class Skills (2+Int): Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge: Nobility & Royalty, Profession, Ride

-Gains proficiency in all simple and martial weapons, as well as all armors and shields

Class Abilities:

1st: Special Mount (stacks with other classes that grant Special Mount)
Expert Rider
Courtly Knowledge
Mounted Weapon Attack Bonus (lance): +1

2nd: Deadly Charge 1/day
Mounted Weapon Attack Bonus (sword): +1

3rd: Burst of Speed

4th: Deadly Charge 2/day

5th: Mounted Weapon Attack Bonus (lance): +2

6th: Deadly Charge 3/day
Full Mounted Attack
Mounted Weapon Attack Bonus (sword): +2

7th: Unbroken Charge

8th: Deadly Charge 4/day

9th: Mounted Weapon Attack Bonus (lance): +3

10th: Unstoppable Charge 5/day
Quick Turn
Mounted Weapon Attack Bonus (sword): +3

Expert Rider: +1/Cavalier level on Ride checks

Courtly Knowledge: +1/Cavalier level on Knowledge Nobility & Royalty checks

Deadly Charge: the Cavalier can declare a charge to be a “Deadly Charge:” x3 damage, x4 if using a lance (does not stack with Spirited Charge feat)

Burst of Speed: the Cavalier can urge his mount to move quadruple its Speed on a charge, instead of the usual twice Speed on a charge; can be used 1/day safely; additional times/day require the mount to make a DC: 20 Will save after the charge or take 2d6 damage; this damage is cumulative (2d6 with a failed save after the second Burst of Speed, 4d6 with a failed save after the third Burst of Speed, etc.)

Full Mounted Attack: the mounted Cavalier can make a full attack after his mount moves more than 5’ but no farther than a single move would carry it; cannot combine this full attack with a charge

Unbroken Charge: the Cavalier can make a charge attack through difficult terrain or allies with a DC: 15 Ride check
Unstoppable Charge: the Cavalier’s Deadly Charges are now Unstoppable Charges, inflicting x4 damage, x5 if using a lance (does not stack with Spirited Charge feat)

Quick Turn: with a DC: 25 Ride check the cavalier can change direction up to 90 degrees while mount is running or charging (though the mount must move at least 10’ in a straight line after the turn); if Ride check fails, mount moves 10’ in a straight line after the point at which the turn was to take place, then loses its remaining actions