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2014-06-03, 08:33 PM
Ok so I wanted to brew up a template for my players to run into. I will go ahead and post the details first, and give the reasoning behind the idea afterward.
Working title - Hunted The hunted template can be applied to any Animal, Magical Beast, Vermin, or Lycanthrope.

Size and type - For Animals, Magical Beasts, or Vermin: advance one size class larger with all appropriate ability score changes. Lycanthropes in their animal form grow one size class with the appropriate ability score changes, but immediate go back to there normal size when they change to hybrid or humanoid form.

BAB and Saves are unchanged.

All racial HD become d12s
I'm thinking a natural armor bonus I'm not sure how much though

Special Qualities (these are things I'm unsure about.)
DR equal to racial HD/natural materials. Stone, wood, bone, etc. Natural weapons always pierce this DR, except for the natural weapons of unnatural creatures such as constructs or undead do not, even if they are an appropriate material. Weapons of the appropriate material wielded by unnatural creatures are only partially effective. (treat the creatures DR as 1/2 its normal value rounded down)

Spell/Power Resistance equal to racial HD plus 5. This resistance does not protect the base creature from the special abilities of magical beasts. This exception does not apply to abilities granted to creature by spells or powers such as Bestow Spell.
LA- unsure.

The idea is that these creature are pets of the God of The Hunt. I really like the DR, but I'm not quite sure how it would work out.

2014-06-06, 09:26 PM
Are abberations lumped in with constructs and undead? I would think they would be according to the fluff I'm THINKING I see.

I'm THINKING +0 if it advances them to Small or Smaller, CR +1 if it advances them to medium, +2 if to Large or Huge, and +3 if it advances them to Gargantuan or Collosal. You should look carefully at the strength and constitution bonuses (which I haven't since this is just a QUICK P.E.A.C.H.ing) and take those into account.

LA's... harder to say.

2014-06-06, 09:36 PM
The LA should be +1 at most.

I will explain my reasoning. When you get a level adjustment, you lose an entire level.
That is saves, hd, bab, special, and spells.

So, your LA has to be worth more than one level, because you are more vulnerable to everything ever.
I think this is on the weak side of a level adjustment. If you require people to have racial hit die to use it, then it doesn't even need a level adjustment at all, because racial hit die are just empty levels of suck.

2014-06-06, 10:35 PM
I was planning on applying it to monsters, not players so i'm not really concerned about the LA. I guess i sould have said so, I was thinking more along the lines of how much stronger would this make enemies? i dont have much experience with Lycanthropes and i plan to use them soon.

2014-06-07, 12:58 AM
Are these changing to Undead since you are changing the racial HD to d12s? If these don't change Type, then don't change the racial HD.


2014-06-07, 01:00 PM
Well, then think about it this way.

If you are increasing hp, then the battle takes longer. If the players are dealing 6 damage per turn on average, then increasing hp by 6 per HD of the monster is a big change.

How much attack bonus do your players have? If they have +5, then a +1 bonus to natural armour isn't really very much, but +3 can make the thing really annoying.

As for DR/natural do your players have natural weapons? Is there another way to overcome the DR? If your players don't have a way to beat this, you have just made mission impossible. Otherwise, it just means the monster survives longer. If your monster has DR5 then its okay if your players don't have any way to beat it.

Spell resistance is only strong at high levels, or if, at low levels, it is coupled with DR. The amount of spell resistance you have given it though means that your spell casters will almost always be able to affect it.

Does the party have a druid/ranger? If they do, then this thing is a cakewalk. Summon a nature's ally and have it tag team with animal companion. Also, what level is the party?

2014-06-07, 01:47 PM
The party is 5th level Rouge, 5th level Paladin, 5th level Cleric, 4th level Wizard, a Sorcerer 1/ Rouge 3, and a 3rd level Barbarian. They normally have a 5th level Druid but she was kidnapped and the mission is to get her back. We use recharge magic, and the have an annoying habit of pooling all their money into the rouge and the paladin so their WBL is...skewed to say the least.

They are basic races and its not a very optimized group.

2014-06-08, 12:34 AM
In that case, this template is going to screw them so hard that they will see lemons.

2014-06-08, 03:28 AM
How about Dire?