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2007-02-20, 04:15 PM
I just noticed this and no one else seems to have commented on it, but only Parson consistantly has fingers. It seems the others have thumbs an a moveable plate instead of hull human style hands. I would just let this lie, but even in the same panel where Parson distintly has fingers, Stanle and Wanda do not.

Yuki Akuma
2007-02-20, 04:18 PM
...So? Parson is drawn in a more realistic style to the humans of Erfworld.

2007-02-20, 04:29 PM
Actually now that you mention it. No he isnt. At least not all of them. Prince Ansom appears to be a realistic as Parson, while Stanley is always iconic. Wanda shifts back and forth from iconic to realistic. A number of other characters also seem to either be closer to the iconic line or realistic line and some jumping back and forth.

One Skunk Todd
2007-02-20, 04:44 PM
Checking through the back strips, Stanley occasionally has an index finger. And the 2nd panel of strip 17 seems to show he has a full compliment. I'm guessing it's simply a matter of how much a pain in the boop it is to draw fingers. Personally I'd rather have simple hands and regular strips than have to wait for him to get all the fiddly finger bits done.

Hart av Srednak
2007-02-20, 08:39 PM
I have thougt that it's intentional style thing. Hands are drawn like sticks when they're too far and more realisticly when they're closer to viewer (modern world episode used different kind of technique). I've liked and still like how they look because of that.

Ansom looks like actionfiguretoy. Also other humanoid erfworlders seem to have some toylike apperences. Atleast from time to time. Parson on the other hand looks most realistic.. most human like (I know that this is is mostly due his head size compared to body.. yes cause fingers are showing)

Hart av Srednak
2007-02-20, 11:35 PM
Now I went through every drawn comic. Amount of fingers drawn doesn't come from distance (or size of hands). It seems that Jami draws as many fingers as necessary for picture. It means that characters far away have less if any fingers drawn, but doesn't mean that hands that are very large in picture would have automaticly even thumbs drawn. It also seems that only Parson and Ansom has fingers in every single strip that is located in Erfworld.

Ansoms fingers might be drawn just because he wears gauntlents whitch couldn't look very gauntlet-like if fingers weren't drawn. I'm not sure but somehow I think that Parson is only character that has real purpose of always realistic hands since he is outsider. Man, he even has different kind of font for his speech.

2007-02-21, 10:54 PM
Ansoms fingers might be drawn just because he wears gauntlents whitch couldn't look very gauntlet-like if fingers weren't drawn.Funny, since metal gauntlets are more often mitten-like. Artistically, individual fingers make the gaunlet look more interesting, but "interesting looking" isn't a top concern for anything but ceremonial armor.

Individually articulated fingers don't work well for the intended function of a gauntlet, anyway. It's a lot easier to deflect or distribute force on a rounded cup, where individual fingers would get caught on weapon protrustions and wrenched around. The underside of the gauntlet is generally open, so the palm is only protected by leather gloves, but making a fist or holding a hilt generally works well enough.

I think the number of fingers on Erlings is just a matter of necessity and convenience. If they need to make a gesture the fingers are there, and if they don't, the hand can be a little round blob. That's pretty normal for cartooning.