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2007-02-20, 06:06 PM
Put simply: This is the thread were you post something interesting about your character, Or just post some cool power gaming Ideas. I will ask that you follow a rule: Your Character CANNOT BE EPIC LEVEL. LEVEL 17 AT THE MAX. I want cool characters... not cool characters with a Superman complex...

I might post some of mine sometime later. Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

2007-02-20, 06:40 PM
Dwarf Fighter 6/Ranger 1/Dwarven Defender 2
Abilities: STR 20 DEX 13 CON 20 INT 10 WIS 6 CHA 4 (+2 STR & +2 CON from items)
HD: 3d12 + 5d10 + d8 + 48 = 105 hp
Speed: 30ft (+10 Boots of Striding & Springing)
AC: 30 (+11 Battle Plate +1, +5 Hevay Steel Shield +2, +1 Dex, +2 Ring of Protection +2, +1 Dodge) Touch 19 Flatfooted 30
Full Attack: +16/+11 Dwarven Waraxe +1 d10+8 20/x3 or Sling d4+5 20/x2
Saves: Fort 16 Ref 6 Will 11 (+2 vs poison & spell or spell-like abilities) (+1 from Cloak of Reasistance)
Feats: Axe Focus, Dodge, Dwarven Armor Proficiency, Endurance, Heavy Armor Optimization, Shield Specialization (Heavy),Steadfast Determination, Shield Ward, Weapon Focus(Dwarven Waraxe), Weapon Specialization(Dwarven Waraxe), Toughness, Track
Favoured Enemy(Giants)
Skills: Listen +9, Speak Language(Giant)

I have two feats over the normal number because our DM allowed us to give up 5 skill points to gain feat (max one feat at lvl2 and +1 every fifth level thereafter). The said dwarf didn't really deal much damage but it was great as meat shield. And considering that we encountered fair number of Ogres and Trolls during our campaign it was very interesting playing him.

I'm not sure this is what you asked for but you did say to brag about characters... so here you go.:smallwink:
And he could drink poison instead of ale thanks to high Fortitude and Steadfast Determination.

2007-02-20, 06:52 PM
I'm not much of a power gamer, but heres the detail on my current character, Maust:
I am currently playing a level 13 Druid who was raised by wolfs. When he became aware of the evils of the outside world he decided to do something about it (namely, adventure!). He holds a dire wolf as his closest friend and his mount.
After an encounter with an evil lich and his worg pets, he realized the evils and cowardice of the undead. He believes that anyone who willingly defy and run from the natural order of things should be immediately destroyed, and anyone who was changed into undead against their will should be freed. He wears black leather formed from the hide of the lich's worgs, and bears a flaming, undead bane bow on his back.

2007-02-20, 06:58 PM
True Neutral 12th level Fighter with near max Craft(Painting) (and Intimidation). A straight sword and shield tank but the fun was taking a class with little use for skill points and turning him into an professional artist that fit with the class. He was a skilled, black propaganda artist used to subdue occupation resistance during wartime. His love was painting and would make snarky comments about local decor, show contempt toward other warriors (he regarded himself as cultured) and paint wonderous events and brutal slayings. Mechanically nothing special but real fun to roleplay.

2007-02-20, 08:12 PM
And what about those of us who play systems other than D&D? Most of my faves were in Other Systems Entirely.

My current favorite project D&D-wise is Rianna, who was one part ranger, two parts fighter, two parts dragon knight (aka What Happened When Our Resident Homebrewer Stuck The Halfling Outrider and the Stormlord in a Blender), and L11 when last I saw her. She was the BBEG's bitter ex, a girl with a big lance and a bigger grudge, and if she had any room to jump she was downright devastating. (Especially when I got the hang of charging rules. Whee!) ...not to mention that while the class had a few options for charge goodness without a mount, what really got scary was when the druid wildshaped into a dire wolf or a rhino, because Rianna had a tone of mounted class features and an ungodly Ride modifier. CHARGE! Despite her late appearance, she somehow managed to be the group's teambuilder. And nothing quite beat the dialogue every time she and the BBEG were within shouting distance of each other--imagine the standard Good Guy In Search of Revenge Speech, only on the end, tack on "...and ten years and you never even WRITE!" and you're starting to get the right idea. (Or when she got a communication amulet that had belonged to one of his minions. "Voomy? Hello? I know you're there... pick up the amulet, you jerk.") Little ways in the jokes grew old, so the rest of her began to develop: thrillseeker, loyal to a fault, and trying to make her mark on history.

2007-02-20, 08:19 PM
I have this supercool character and he has a sowrd sawrd sord and he's all "yar!" and ptew slash ping ptow nerts.

He also has like, a background that's really good and his friends are deaded and he's all he "nooo" and fights getting vengeance maybe until wounded badlied but then he sooooo epickally (sp?) grabs his sord and stabs that guy and his family come back to life because he helped a DRAGON earlier. He was a nice dragon.

In conclusion, my character > your characterz and Bruce Lee combined. Thank you, and have a goooood day.

Bears With Lasers
2007-02-20, 08:21 PM
Isn't bragging about your D&D character, like, one of the cardinal sins of Nerddom?

2007-02-20, 08:26 PM
Pft. My favorite character is a Paladin of Tyranny who serves Bane. She's LE bordering on LN, a former Loviatan (So she's still a sado-masochist), but also a devoted wife and a mommy. She's the kind of evil person who makes Paladins commit evil acts by killing her when she's doing nothing, and they have no proof she's done anything wrong. x) Killing for just detecting an evil aura is an evil act, and it's my faaavorite thing.

*Hops around* Aleena is the BEST.

2007-02-20, 08:28 PM
I think it depends on whether you've just been asked to talk or not. That, and making sure the description you're giving is the kind the person asking wants to hear (some like backstory, some like mechanics, some just want to know why you've got a Cheshire Cat grin visible even through your IM software).

2007-02-20, 08:29 PM
Isn't bragging about your D&D character, like, one of the cardinal sins of Nerddom?
Let he who is without sin cast the first die.

Jack Mann
2007-02-21, 01:05 AM
*Rolls initiative for your sins*

2007-02-21, 01:11 AM
Isn't bragging about your D&D character, like, one of the cardinal sins of Nerddom?
Nah. However, it is one of the prerequisites to enter the "Dork Knight" and "Power Gamer" prestige classes.:smallamused:

2007-02-21, 02:11 AM
I've just built a Paladin of Freedom, going to go into Fighter and Champion of Corellon Larethian, who should be able to oneshot most things of her challenge rating on about 1/3 of her charges.
Keen Courtblade, Leap Attack, Charging Smite and Rhino's Rush.

2007-02-21, 03:52 AM
Charging Smite for the win.

Tis the reason my Paladin/Greyguard is so much fun to play. Being able to combine Charging Smite with the ability to use Smite Evil on anything* is just good times. It's especially good at making the DM cry.:smallcool:

*Assuming that said creature is deserving of the smite. Still gotta keep that Paladin's Code...within reason.

2007-02-21, 04:31 AM
My Soulknife was so balanced, it was always a reasonable challenge to complete the missions that my DM made available.

2007-02-21, 04:41 AM
You know, I'm still getting a feel for when it's approproate to talk about my D&D characters. Which is to say, pretty much never, except at the gaming table, to or from our meeting place, and on the LJ community we use to coordinate.


That said, I have a Bard8 with 1 level of Intermediate Copper Dragon bloodline (from the Unearthed Arcana variant). He's pretty much Indiana Bard, except I didn't bother to get a Hand Crossbow. Because that would chew up space for Bardic feats like SotH. We are playing a dragon campaign (i.e., eventually we'll be taking on a Red Wyrm), and the 5 of us just barely slew a Large Adult Black dragon. Barely, as in "collectively possessed of about 15 HP between the 5 of us at the end of the fight" :)

2007-02-21, 04:42 AM
Well, one of my current characters is a Paladin who has not used Detect Evil, or Smite Evil for that matter, in several weeks of PbP play (translating to about three eventful in-game days. Man, is PbP slow.) Then again, he's from Eberron, in a Planescape-based setting, so Detecting Evil is basically pointless and more than a little rude, as far as the themes of both settings go.

There are a couple Black Dragons who are about to get Smited, though. Probably. Unless the DM throws another random twist like that Lich TV-show host (don't ask.)

2007-02-21, 05:45 AM
I unfortunately cannot brag about anything here, since, even if we assume that NWN is DND, the only character I could brag about reached epic levels.

Isn't bragging about your D&D character, like, one of the cardinal sins of Nerddom?

Ah, everyone knows that you're fighting the urge to write about your drow sky pirate here in this topic!

2007-02-21, 05:45 AM
Lately, my half-orc fighter went to an elven city with a group of humans and a couple elves.

He was stopped partway into the forest... um... with a hail of arrows, for being a half-orc. From this, there was a long debate between the elven Paladin and the 'local elven captain of the guard' about my harm or lack thereof - we'd like to be able to deal with a world-problematic undead problem down south, which requires us to do things in this area in which all the characters are important.

At the same time, the elven nation had had trouble lately with orcs assaulting the area. The orc's latest assault was done with a unique form of magic which let them actually burn down a major chunk of their palace. This destroyed their king's ceremonial crown, and his ceremonial robes of the great Star God Correllon Larethian.

Anyway, my half-orc cheerfully agreed to remain in the jail cell for the duration of the stay, as the group was forced to wait pseudo-patiently for some elven sequence which I ICly didn't know about/understand, and thus kept myself out of it OOCly. Thus, he spent a week in the jail cell, weaponless by agreement, but the elves let him keep the remainder of his gear.

Thus, he did the skill he does best: Tailoring. That, and chatted for a bit with the two elven guards who 'guarded' his cell through showing up once in awhile to check the magical wards thereon. One of them hated him, the other his cross-class diplomacy shone through and he managed to learn a bit about the general ceremony, as he as going to get involved it in anyway.

Soo, the ceremony began, the traditions occured, everything was going to go ideally sans the royal traditional gear, and at the height of the ceremony... the half-orc, as he had practiced, stammered his lines in elvish. And not only elvish, but the elvish typically used by the lower class (Which tended to be anyone not an elf), thus making it even more accurate. And as he did so, he presented the robe, accepting the blame for his kind for the lack of the crown and offering an apology to Corellon larethian in the traditional fashion.

The stars were aligned, the natural spirits were appeased, and the addition to the ceremony gave the elves more power than they would have gotten normally (In... in some fashion. Remember, I still didn't and don't understand what the exact purpose of that ceremony was, just how I should've potentially acted there). As such, the king had no choice but to be at least mildly thankful for the excellently made very nice robe, which fit the ceremony well. It was of tremendously masterwork quality, and ideal.

...fear the Half-orc who single-handedly (pseudo)befriended an entire group of elves that originally hated him and who also managed to bypass what could have been a difficult encounter through the glorious power of Craft(Tailoring)!

He then also managed to fix the problems with the rampaging orcs through well placed violence and then, more importantly, another very skilled Craft(Tailoring) check series. But that required the DM to let the party wizard use Fabricate on skills I was crafting, and other slightly snarky things that resulted in being less cool than solving an entire encounter through a week of downtime and Craft(Tailoring). ^_^

2007-02-21, 06:58 AM
Gnome Sorcerer. Chaotic Neutral anarchist, deeply suspicious of structured society due to its "inherent corruption". If you're going to go Chaotic Neutral, go all the way.

2007-02-21, 10:05 AM
I just finished playing a Binder/Soulknife and had just gotten the hang of making Soulknife work.
Then he stood alone against 4 allips without a cleric in sight and with a wis. of 8...I got the impression my DM wanted me dead.
Rose as an Allip to haunt some of the other partymembers untill he was killed by a lucky blow...It's just a shame my party members destroyed his body after that...but it will not be the last they see of him!

2007-02-21, 10:09 AM
OK, just to clarify abit. It's either cool concept for power gaming or Cool/funny things you've done in Dnd... But anything thats interesting, generally excepted of course... ok... heres one of the cool things I improvised while playing...

My character was a human female Monk, lvl 3. Nothing special... We were doing the oriental campaign setting... so there was alot of traditions we had to uphold and stuff...

The character concept was: My character has problems with being a girl and a monk... everyone has a sexist attitude toward her and what she can do...

Anyway... there was this guy that owned an inn; he set me up for an ambush when I thought he was going to enter me into a tournament. So I and a friend decided to kidnap him. We waited till dusk, watched him leave his bar with 3 girls (most likely prostitutes) my character walks right in front of them. Looks him dead in the eyes and says "HOW DARE YOU!" and my character knocks him out. As my friend drags him away, My character looks at the prostitutes and says "THIS, is what happens when you're unfaithful" and walks away...

2007-02-21, 10:30 AM
A CE human warlock with a serious attitude problem and the belief that to solve any problem involved mass killings. He hated everyone and everything. My favorite quote: "That's what they get for short changing me."

2007-02-21, 10:31 AM
I don't know that I'd call it bragging, but I do have one past character who I really enjoyed playing.

He was a dwarven paladin of Clangeddin Silverbeard. He was irascible, cranky, and overall a grouch. He was constantly verbally sparring with the party's smart-aleck mage, but had a soft spot in his heart for him and the rest of the party. He wasn't your typical stick-in-the-mud Lawful Stupid paladin -- he followed a code of honor, yes, but it was always tempered with common sense.

He was my first 3.0 character, and I ran him from 1st to 11th level. He very much became the conscience of the party and I was sad to see him go. (Long story short: a red dragon took out about half the party and Theo found out that his fire-resistant armor wouldn't absorb quite that much heat. End result: dwarf-sized smudge on the floor.)

2007-02-21, 11:18 AM
This is the Hobgoblin Fighter/Warblade PC my avatar is based upon, Noriyuk the Clanless (http://cardishrpg.wikispaces.com/Noriyuk).

This is his character fluff cause our 3.5 crunch is so houseruled it would take too much explaining.

2007-02-21, 11:22 AM
*Rolls initiative for your sins*
Thou shalt not spill. Thy soda on the DM's notes.

The Prince of Cats
2007-02-21, 11:34 AM
I had a swashbuckler who seduced an amethyst dragon in an attempt to save the party. The dragon was so intrigued by the sight of a mortal who a) didn't cower in terror, and b) actually tried such a bold ploy, that she didn't eat the party.

This was in second edition, with a maxed-out charisma and the swashbuckler kit gave a bonus to NPC reactions from the opposite sex. By the RAW, his natural sex appeal was at least enough to overcome her natural tendencies. He even meant what he was saying (unfortunately) and was not just trying to save his own skin.

2007-02-21, 11:38 AM
True Neutral 12th level Fighter with near max Craft(Painting) (and Intimidation). A straight sword and shield tank but the fun was taking a class with little use for skill points and turning him into an professional artist that fit with the class. He was a skilled, black propaganda artist used to subdue occupation resistance during wartime. His love was painting and would make snarky comments about local decor, show contempt toward other warriors (he regarded himself as cultured) and paint wonderous events and brutal slayings. Mechanically nothing special but real fun to roleplay.

...Wait, 'black propaganda?' You mean like, spraying "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!" on an LAPD car, or scribbling "FARRAKHAN SPEAKS" on a bathroom stall?

Because that would make your character pretty much the most awesome ever.

On a tangenitally related note, I once had a Half-Orc Ranger PC who had two siblings... one was a Half-Orc Wizard (who was a PC I'd played earlier) and the other was his big sister, a Fighter maxed out for hand-to-hand combat (this was before 3.5, there was no Reaping Mauler class). While his sister was an NPC, I had a lot of fun dreaming her up, because she'd grown up totally outside of a real Orc community and had no idea how savage and brutal they really were, so she always assumed the human "man" was repressing her "orc brothers and sisters," and would go on long tirades about "ORC POWER!" and how "MOONSHEE LANDED ON US!" XD In my defense, I was 14 when I came up with this....

2007-02-21, 12:01 PM
Back in 2nd edition, I had a paladin named Max Kaladin. When I rolled my stats, I got incredibly good rolls. I don't think I had a score below 13. On top of that, the DM was using an old book called "Central Casting: Heroes of Legend" for generating backgrounds and that ended up giving me more stat boosts. I ended up with all but one stats being above 15 and with a strength of 19. I further, well, min-maxed the character so he was an absolute terror in melee. Normally, I don't do that but "normally" I get poor to middling stat rolls and don't have chances like this so I took advantage of the opportunity to really go hog-wild with the min-maxing. Max was a well-oiled killing machine. The rest of the party used to make jokes about setting Max to "puree".

Max had many adventures as part of that group. I didn't just play him as a munchkin killing machine, I did a lot of roleplaying too and everyone in the group really enjoyed having Max around. Despite this, the DM was getting more and more frustrated with the power Max brought to the party. Eventually, it caught up to Max.

The party was on a journey when we came to a village that was being terrorized by a dragon. Naturally, we end up going dragon-hunting and eventually track it to it's lair. At that point, we discover it's actually a mated pair who just took over a nearby cave to set up a lair. The rest of the party decides two dragons are too tough for us and want to retreat. Max thinks they're beatable and doesn't want any more innocent villagers to die, so he argues we should attack instead. The rest of the party held firm and Max finally declared that he would just have to take care of the problem himself. With the rest of the party protesting, he draws his swords and marches resolutely into the cave. The rest of the party decides they're not going to follow him, but are going to stick around and see what happens. The DM and I go off into another room to handle the fight. Once we're done, the DM sits down looking annoyed and describes what the party experiences. All is quiet for a couple of minutes after Max enters the cave, then they hear dragons roaring, Max shouting a battle cry and the sounds of a titanic conflict. Then everything falls silent. And it stays silent. And remains silent. I'm fiddling with D6s at this point and looking annoyed so everyone gets worried. Finally, someone gets bold enough to go in invisibly to look for Max. He finds him alive and mostly well -- except for the fact that the second dragon fell on him when it died and he's still trying to extract his legs from underneath it.

The DM was annoyed because I'd managed to kill single-handedly two dragons that were supposed to be a challenge for the whole party. I was annoyed because the dragon fell on me robbing me of being able to come striding out with bloody sword in hand to ask if anyone wanted to help bag up the treasure. (I suspect to this day the dragon fell on me because the DM was annoyed with me.) After that, the DM declared I had to retire Max. We played a few more sessions with him as we traveled to our destination and then Max was retired and I brought in a new character. Sigh.

Max lives on, however. Fast forward 10 years or so: I'm in a new group and someone decided to run a series of adventures for 20th level characters where we face "iconic" opponents like great wyrm dragons, liches and, of course, the tarrasque. I pulled Max out, updated him to 3e, advanced him to 20th level and he does battle once again.

So, there's my big munchkin character.

2007-02-21, 12:29 PM
I'm gonna cheat and list 2...

A 1/2 Orc cleric of Herionous who was constantly trying to live up to the legend of his mother, a rather famous, at elast in the game world, Paladin of Heriounous, as well as that of his (human) sister, also a paladin. About 6 months into the game we get hit with a near TPK, which left him the only one alive againest a party of BBEG uber minions. HE called out to the gods, any who would listen, to give him the power to defend his friends as he'd sworn an oath. And got a response, from Hextor (don't ask me, i'm not the GM) in a flash i went from a Cleric of Herionious to Hextor and murdercated a bunch of people as, for the duiration of the combat anyway, i got all these avatar powers. Then i got the group rez'd, and left all those goody two shoes punks. Ah, good times in a monty haul campian.

The other is just kinda funny, I was playing a Thrallheard and i'd just gotten my first thrall, a rather dim Gnoll ranger. One of the other PC's was being nasty to him, the thrall asked if he could bite the other player, I said yes, and hilarity ensued. Sure, i was down a thrall, but the other PC had to have part of his face regen'd. No one really expected the Gnoll to take it literaly i guess...

2007-02-21, 12:34 PM
Here's another one:

Back in the late 90s, I had a character named Sir Konrad. Sir Konrad was a knight. One of our adventures took us to a castle out in the wilderness where a vampire lived with her various non-vampire minions who guarded her lair day and night. We were determined to destroy her. The minions basically kept the castle buttoned up tight, but we eventually discovered that there was a secret passage into the castle. The rest of the party was pretty stealthy, but Sir Konrad wasn't so getting him in unnoticed would be a problem. We had decided we needed a diversion, so Sir Konrad was the one to provide it.

Sir Konrad donned his full plate, mounted his warhorse and rode from the forest bearing lance and shield. Sir Konrad had only his squire with him when he emerged from the woods. The squire stopped at the edge of the woods outside of crossbow range with a pack animal while Sir Konrad proceeded to the gate. The gate guard said no visitors were welcome and told him to leave. Sir Konrad ordered the gate guard to open the gate and surrender the castle to him so he could destroy their foul ruler. The guard rudely refused. Sir Konrad challenged him to a duel for his insolence. The guard rudely refused. Sir Konrad informed him that he had no choice but to take the castle by force and told the guard that they should consider themselves besieged. He then turned and rode back to where his squire was waiting and dismounted.

The squire had been busy. He'd set up a sturdy folding chair right in the middle of the road, so Sir Konrad removed his helm and sat down facing the castle. He simply sat there gazing on the walls while the squire scurried around building a fire and making tea. After that, Sir Konrad was calmly sitting in his set sipping tea and waiting while the squire busied himself with other aspects of making a camp. Meanwhile, the guards were staring down at this crazy knight who was mounting a one-man siege. Word spread through the castle pretty quickly and people began to drift up to the appropriate wall so they could look at this wacky night sitting in the road sipping tea while "besieging" them.

That's when the rest of the party emerged from the secret passage. It turns out my "siege" was a decent diversion. Enough people drifted to one side of the castle to get a look at the nut in the road that the rest of the party was able to emerge from the secret passage and get into position to take the castle. Once they started, Sir Konrad put his helm on, mounted up and rode to the gate where the party rogue opened the postern door and let him in to join in the fun.

2007-02-21, 12:39 PM
Isn't bragging about your D&D character, like, one of the cardinal sins of Nerddom?

Yes, but It's never as bad as LARPing. They get their own region of nerd-hell, I think.

2007-02-21, 01:05 PM
Yes, but It's never as bad as LARPing. They get their own region of nerd-hell, I think.

LARPer's are gamers too, except for V:tM LARP, that stuff is just wrong. We don't need anymore fake goths, the local hot topic has plenty already thank you /sigh

2007-02-21, 02:23 PM
I recently got my hands on Complete Adventurer and Complete Warrior from some friends, and made a NPC Thrikreen Scout 8/Dervish 10 to take on the players as a nimble character that can deal out a respectable amount of damage before making a quick get away.

Move speed: 65 (+10 if the scout fast movement stacks with dervish fast movement)

Attacks per round: 14 (dervish thousand cuts class ability + multiweapon fighting)

Damage per attack: 1d6 (scimitar) +2d6 (scout skirmish) +5 (dervish) +2 (Str) +1 con damage (scimitar ability) +1 (scimitar enhancement)

Total damage: 42d6+ 112 +14 con damage.

(Yeah, I know that 2-hand power attack will deal more damage. No need to state it again.)

The Great Skenardo
2007-02-21, 02:59 PM
Character: The Righteous One

This was an excercise both in shameless twinking and irreverent roleplay (it was just that kind of campaign). Now, the Rightous One was a Monk who was kicked out of the monastery for doing ollies above the shambala, and afterwards wandered from class to class in search of something like his true calling, which appeared to be mind-bending acrobatics.
Progression: Monk4/Ninja4/Thief-Acrobat5/Barbarian2. (No, this guy wasn't Bor; it became clear fairly early on that his alignment was actually chaotic Good instead of Lawful)
And now, some antics; This was back in the days before skill tricks, but most of the acrobatic ones were mimiced at some point or another.
The Righteous One was basically capable of taking a standing jump and ending up 56 feet away, until the DM stopped even asking me to roll skill checks for acrobatic things unless I was trying something epic (due to Skill Mastery).
The real charm was in the roleplaying, however. I played The Righteous One halfway between Keanu Reeves and Jackie Chan, with a penchant for making up elaborate names for unarmed strikes against specific opponents.
Against giant insects, for example, it'd be things like "Giant Shoe Strike". Plant creatures would face "Daisy-Cutter" and humanoids would invariably get "Punchinnaface!"
The real shining moment for this character was when the drow BBEG (posing as a helpful guide) led our fighter down a trapped hallway, knocked him out, and returned for the Righteous One. He followed like a good little lamb until the drow turned on him halfway down the hallway. The sneak attack hit, but the Righteous One had invested in the Grappling Block Feat.
Me: Yoink!
The result was me holding the BBEG's only melee weapon (a butt-kicking rapier) halfway down a hallway which I could easily outrun him in (base land speed 60).

It's one of the few times I've ever seen a drow assassin weep.

2007-02-21, 03:29 PM
I'm the DM, and created this PC as an experiment in utility. My wife was pretty skeptical about my having a PC in a campaign I DM'ed, but I won her over with this one.

Fluff (condensed):
Garlen Fartravel (halfling male, age 28) grew up just outside the village of Hesith. His mother was a druid focused on healing, and his father hunted game and tended the grove. As a child, he was often overlooked -- his big sister had great spellcasting aptitude, and his little sister was adorable, so he spent most of his time exploring, wandering, and generally avoiding everyone else. The one activity he really got into as a youngster was hunting down goblin raiding parties with his dad and uncles. Due to being a little twitchy/jumpy, he found ranged weapons were difficult to use, but he was quick with a sword and could often take down a goblin before it knew he was there. He loves the woods and hates those who threaten them, and reveres Ehlonna above all others. He's fiercely loyal -- if you fight on his side, he'll stay with you and protect you for the rest of his life. He's pretty shy in social situations, but fearless in battle. Has "everybody's little brother" syndrome -- he looks up to those he's with, wanting to be like them. Tall and lanky for a halfling. Curly brown hair, green eyes, and wears a deep green cloak to match. Has a bracelet made by his grandmother: 3 strands of wood (red, light brown, and dark brown) woven together. Travelled the 1200-ish miles to the campaign area with his grandfather, who wanted to see his home city before he died. (Grandpa used to say "you'd have moved 1200 miles for a woman like grandma, too.")

Ranger 6 / Rogue 3 / Barbarian 1 (order: Rgr x2/Rog/Rgr x4/Rog x2/Brb - remember the "everybody's little brother" thing?)

STR 10, DEX 22, CON 13, INT 16, WIS 16, CHA 8 (good rolls; boosted dex twice. Has gauntlets to boost STR to 12.)

Feats: Shaky (flaw: -2 on ranged attacks), Improved Initiative (for shaky), Weapon Finesse (1), 2weapon defense (3), Combat Expertise (6), Imp. Crit Shortsword (9)
Class features: Track, Wild Empathy, Trapfinding, Trapsense +1, Improved TWF, Endurance, Evasion, Sneak Attack +2d6, Fast movement, Rage 1/day (party Wizard says "hasn't he always had that?" - alluding to the aggressive nature with which he pursues enemies), Favored Enemies Goblin+2 and Evil Outsider +4.

Main skills: Hide (22), MS (20), Listen (18), Spot (15), Survival (15+), Search (15), Know Geo (9), Know Nature (11), Tumble (21*), Disable Device (9), Open Lock (10). Initiative is +10.
* as a "flavor" thing, I granted each character a single "free" cross-class skill that they wouldn't normally spend points on, which is always treated as a maxed-out class skill.

HP 74, AC 24, touch 17, flatfooted 17. Speed 40' (boots of striding and springing). Saves F10/R15/W7. Wearing a mithral chain shirt +2 and a cloak of arachnidia. Wielding a +1 holy cold iron shortsword and a +1 silver shortsword, with a +1 returning shortspear he picked up along the way. Also carries MWK thieves tools and a wand of cure moderate wounds.

Languages: Elf, Orc, Goblin, Halfling, Common, Abyssal, Infernal (oddly enough, the last 2 were picked up when taking a level of barbarian.)

As mentioned at the start, he was initially created as an experiment in utility. With the high tumble skill and ability to raise his AC to 30+ with combat expertise, he tends to provide a lot of flanking (and a little bit of sneak attack damage). He uses "aid another" a lot on attacks, opening locks, etc. Because he has some "cure" spells on his spell list, he can use wands to provide a bit of healing to the party. He never steals the spotlight from a game-mechanics point of view, but he helps everybody else shine a bit brighter. And he's a blast to play, flying into a rage and cursing while he charges at the nearest goblin.

Viscount Einstrauss
2007-02-21, 04:20 PM
I made this character as my players' gestalt general in my present campaign. He defeated them all in a fight where most of them won initiative despite him not being a caster and only having three levels up on the average of the team.

He's a spellwarped human (LA bought off) level 15 crusader/swordsage. Sword-and-boarder with an assortment of aggravating magical gear (including a mithral full plate suit and Blade of the Last Citadel) and built-in counter magic measures besides his 26 SR (particularly his shield, which has a couple charges of greater dispel magic tuned to instantly counter any arcane spell above level 6 within 200 feet instantly unless he suppresses it with a command word). After their first and only bout, the players learned not to even try to fight this guy.

2007-02-21, 04:50 PM
This character is work-in-progress, but I'll list his to-be levels and general personality. Currently, he's Rogue 4/Fighter 2

Vardek, Tiefling Rogue 5/Fighter 2/Dread Commando 5/Barbarian 1

Basically, he's a scout/infiltrator, with strong fiendish blood in his veins (hence the spell-like abilities and wings (fiendish bloodline and outsider wings)). He's prone to extreme mood swings. Sometimes enjoys spending time playing his fiddle, sometimes he's prone to murderous frenzies (hence the barbarian lvl) charging at everything he sees in combat, and most of the times he's just a sneaky bastard and a jovial rogue. :D And he speaks 6 languages. :)

2007-02-21, 07:00 PM
Normally i don't like to brag.... who am i kidding, i love to brag about my D&D character

I play a Paladin right now, Leon Valorun. well not so much a full paladin, right now i am Paladin 8 Rogue 1 and Shadowbane Inquisitor 4. for those who don't have complete adventurer or havent stolen it off the internet yet, a Shadowbane inquisitor is a Paladin who has some Roguish abilities, and does has absolutely no mercy, they have Smite corruption instead of Smite Evil and any person you judge to be corrupt is, whether they are CE or LG.

Having the typical backstory (his parents were killed by some one of great evil and he has sworn vengence and blah blah blah blah) makes him an uncomlicated character, he says what he means and never once lets doubt cloud his mind.

I decided this character would be something special when i rolled his stats up, only one score below 14 (really, no cheating) and that i put towards intelligence.

I dropped the paladin Longsword and shield for a Greatsword and took cleave and geater cleave as soon as i was able to. this made me more of a Fighter that a Paladin. Right now i have a Holy greatsword of undead bane (three guesses, on what i fight most often)

Normally Paladins are not skilled characters, but my prestiege class gives me more skill points, i have high ranks in Ride, Sense Motive, Hide and Move silently. the scary thing is that i have a better move silently modifier that our Rogue (when unarmored) and my class abilities only make it better. (that really throws off the Knight in Clanking armor streotype)

I am known for slaying Eunice the Necromancer (hey if your name was Eunice you would probably take up Necromancy too)

This character has not finished his rise to glory yet, but i have made plans to become a Saint before i reach epic level (and the DM approves already).

and that is my favorite character to date, any others i played after him all have had similar traits.

2007-02-21, 08:55 PM
I'd have to go with my version of the dragoon build.

Human, Scout 3/Fighter 2/Warblade 2/Psi Warrior 1/Cleric 1/Blade Dancer 7/Vassal of Bahamut 1 (build finishes out with another level of Psi War, Cleric, and Vassal) (the levels are not in that order)

Combination of leap attack, battle jump, combat brute, leaping dragon stance, and deep impact allow for this fast moving build (his move ends up being around 100) to leap extreme distances to deal outrageously heavy hits by dumping his BAB into power attack. He can still hit with relative ease due to his deep impact ability. (He hits regularly in the hundreds).


Human Barbarian 1/Sword Sage 2/Fighter 2/Warblade 2/Psi Warrior 2/Cleric 1/Blade Dancer 7

Same premise except that this guy is based on a full attack after making his leap from Snow Tiger Berserker. He derives his power attack from his AC due to shock trooper. He can deal in the hundreds per hit and of course goes with two-weapon fighting.

Obviously they just get better with the last few levels to 20 (but not much :smallbiggrin: ).

2007-02-21, 10:17 PM
*Sigh* All of my braggable characters are in a different system.

HOWEVER, I can brag about how seriously BAD one character I had was in a warcraft D&D campaign.

Take one first level human fighter, female, who joined the horde after a series of backstabbings by the alliance authorities. Greatsword, the power attack and cleave feats and a really nice set of stat rolls. Unfortunately, that was where things I got to choose ended and the dice began.

First problem: I roll on the random height and weight table (since we like doing that sort of thing in my group) and it turns out I have a fat five footer. Not too good for a fighter, really. Especially one who was aiming for the griffin rider prestige class.

Oh well, I can get around that. Shes gonna burn some of that fat in her adventures, and nothing wrong with a five foot character useing a... greatsword...

First session goes alright, I'm actually the best character in combat on paper since the orc barbarian is going for an unarmored fast fighter build (which he quickly learned was useless in D&D) and I took down a whole bunch of harpies before the pilot of our airship placed a number of holes in the balloon with his blunderbuss.

Things went downhill from then on.

Simply put, I managed to roleplay being a fat, useless five foot person swinging the greatsword wildly with my rolls alone. In the 6 other sessions of the campaign I rolled not one success. NOT ONE. There was combat every session, big battles too, and even the people with a negative BAB (they didn't know D&D too well :p) were doing better than me. I had a +7 BAB and I was still missing. Not a single roll in that campaign was above 12!