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2014-06-06, 09:39 AM
Hello, yes its that time again. Ive been mucking around with a Monk rework for the past week or so and im stumped at level 8 so i could use some help here. Firstly this isnt a complete ground up overhaul, though i am changing a lot, its more like im just doing a lot of repair work. Now heres what ive changed on the monk.

Full BaB
+1 Monk AC at all levels (starts at +1 ends at +5)
Their speed bonus is a divine bonus now

That does it for quick easy fixes, now here is the list of class abilities.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Monks are proficient with Light Armor but no shields and are proficient with all Monk Weapons. The Monk maintains Wis to AC while wearing Light or No Armor. (see the PHB). Special: A monk may use a Monk Weapon during a Flurry of Blows attack and a monk weapon uses the damage of the monks Unarmed Strike or the weapons, whichever is better. Clarification: The Monk Wisdom Bonus to AC does not stack with the Wisdom Bonus to AC of the Swordsage.

(1st) Flurry of Blows: Flurry of blows is a special Full Round action; otherwise it functions exactly as described in the PHB.
(1st, 2nd, 6th) Bonus Feats: As listed in the PHB

(1st) Stunning Fist: A monk gains Stunning Fist as a bonus feat, even if they donít meet the prerequisites. Special: A monk gains Stunning Fist attempts equal to their Monk level + their Wis Bonus (If any).

(2nd) Evasion: As listed

(3rd) Still Mind: As listed

(4th) Ki Strike: The monks Unarmed Strikes are treated as manufactured weapons for Enhancement purposes. Also the monk may apply his Wisdom Bonus (if any) as a divine bonus to hit when using a Monk Weapon or his Unarmed Strike. Otherwise this ability functions as listed in the PHB.

(4th) Monk Form: At this level a monk chooses a form to specialize in, Fire, Earth, Water or Air.
Air: As a move action you may fly a distance equal to your landspeed, but you must start and end this movement on a solid surface.

Earth: You may use the Roots of the Mountain Stone Dragon Stance.

Fire: You gain the feat Fiery Ki Defense even if you donít meet the Prerequisites.

Water: You can use the Counter Charge, Setting Sun Maneuver once per encounter. Special: For 1 Stunning Fist attempt you may use the maneuver again in the same encounter.

(5th) Purity of Body: As listed.

(6th) Rapid Assault: The Monk gains the Pounce Ability.

(7th) Wholeness of Body: As listed

(8th) Improved Monk Form: At this level a monk gains the listed power under the element they chose for their Monk Form.
Air: For 3 Stunning Fist attempts a monk may surround himself with a vortex of wind which grants the monk a 20% miss chance against all ranged attacks. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 the monks Monk levels + their Wisdom Bonus (if any). Activating this is an immediate action.

Earth: By expending 3 Stunning Fist attempts a Monk can use Stoneskin as a supernatural ability with a caster level equal to the Monks monk level. Activating this ability is a Standard Action

Fire: By expending 3 Stunning Fist attempts a Monk can cast Produce Flame as a Supernatural Ability with a caster level equal to the monks monk level. Special a monk may use their Flurry of Blows attack to throw the fire from this effect.

Water: By expending 3 Stunning Fist attempts the monk may gain fast healing equal to 1+ Wis Bonus (if any) as well as water breathing and a swim speed equal to their land speed. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to1/2 the monks Monk levels + their Wisdom Bonus (if any).

(8th) Improved Ki Strike: A monk may add his Wis Bonus (if any) as a divine bonus to damage with Monk Weapons or his Unarmed Strike.

My main problem right now is thinking of more Monk forms, i plan on having them improve again at 12fth, 16th, and finally again at 20th. As always thanks in advance. (Also sorry for it not being in a table, me and table code dont really get along, the level the ability is gained is listed before it.)

Andion Isurand
2014-06-06, 03:53 PM
Some of your abilities list Wisdom Mod... instead of Wisdom bonus (if any)... if that was something you wanted to change.

Instead of allowing weapon enhancements to applied directly to the monk.... you could modify the Necklace of Natural Weapons from Savage Species to apply to unarmed attacks.... or modify Bracers of Striking from Magic of Faerun so they cost the same as any other weapon to enhance.


Here's some abilities you could give the monk. The benefit of revising the purity of body/diamond body ability this way, is that the monk can still use alchemical substances to alter his state, and you can add more abilities to the class where Purity of Body and Diamond body used to reside.

At 1st level monk:

Mastery of Self (Ex): A monk may add his Wisdom bonus (if any) to all strength-based and dexterity-based checks (skill and ability checks), to a maximum bonus equal to his class level, but only when unencumbered and wearing light or no armor.

At 3rd level monk:

Purity of Body (Ex): For every 2 class levels beyond the first, a monk gains a +1 bonus on saving throws against poison and disease.

2014-06-06, 05:26 PM
First off, the level 1 of this monk is crazy ridiculous. If I was playing a game where this was allowed, I would take one level of this monk, and then go swordsage for the rest of forever. Wisdom bonus to AC twice.

The armour bonus you are giving is not necessary if the monk is proficient with light armour. If you are going to take away the light armour proficiency, the monk needs to get +12 bonus to AC at level 20, and start with at least +3

Give a bigger hit die. If you are punching things in the face you need a bigger hit die. Also, they spend hours training their endurance under waterfalls, and with pikachu thunderbolting them. I would think they were worthy of a d12 for all of that training.

your 8th level forms cost too much to activate. They shouldn't cost anything, and just apply a per encounter limit to them. Like = to 3 + wis mod.

At level 8, you should just be making prestige classes that are branches off the monk, like the fire dancer (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Fire_Dancer_%283.5e_Prestige_Class%29).

And then you can have the Wind Walker
and the Stone Stalwart
and the something watery.

2014-06-06, 07:45 PM
Huh, didnt realize that the Wis bonus would stack with the Swordsage one, probably should fix that.......

2014-06-06, 09:43 PM
Have you considered fly speed, swim speed, burrow speed and climb speed? (climb speed for fire because of how it burns upwards) I say this because your lower level fly speed is really good for that level, but goes out of date really fast. In Kung Fu hustle, they have a fight literally in the sky, because they can just fly with their chi. So it is not without precedent.

And, you could also do corresponding senses
air, blind sense
earth, tremor sense
water, blind sight
fire, not sure. Maybe sense incoporeal creatures with spot and listen?

Also, you could use corresponding ability score bonuses, and d6s of damage based on the element.

At 20th, turn into a greater elemental of whatever kind it is.