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2014-06-07, 10:02 PM
A while back when I played Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 I thought it would be neato if there was a Class that was natives to dwarves living underground.

The theory is that wherever a dwarf would live the primary magic developed would be in reguards to manipulating their environment. In this case Stone and Soil. So I suggested this custom class and it never grew.

The stonemage is adept to traveling in dungeons, caves, and other stone and soil enclosed environments. Almost all the spells are centered on the dwarven caster or something he touches.

Class skills.
A. Surface walk.
This skill allows a dwarf that is not over equipped and whose equipment is tightly secure to walk on any verticle or ceiling type surface provided they do so barefoot. The skill does not pass to others, nor does it affect any item being carried even if it is another person. Tile covered walls, and soil surfaces incur a percentage of the spell's failure and the dwarf dropping.

B. Stone Sense
This skill acts like radar. Touching a surface allows the user to sense his environments through echolocation through stone, soil, and any touching solid surfaces so long as they are earth types. This also includes earth type elementals but also alerts them of the user's presence. It can not sense anything through loose soil.
1st level users can sense hidden rooms on the other sides of walls and general direction of passages as well as areas above and below them.
2nd level can sense further but can also sense fine detail. this includes holes drilled into stone that could indicate the presence of doors, traps, and other items.
3hd level can sense things made of metal contacting the stone. This is when the ability to sense things through loose soil begins.
4th level grants further range.

C. Passthrough
This spell allows the user and all items he is carrying (excepting living creatures of any type, but does not include elementals or undead items) to pass through a solid stone surface. The higher the level the further he can pass through the surface, along walls and through ceiling and floors. He can not however support himself if he passes through floors downward. Once in free air the spell ends. Any spell set in a room will affect him the moment he exits the surface wither it is tile, stone, or metal. Higher levels of this skill are required to pass through metal. Metal rivets, pegs, rods, etc will block lower level users of this spell. It works exceedingly well with soil surfaces even for low level users. like the skill above its use alerts any nearby earth type elementals of the users presence.

D. Affect Stone Objects.
This is a short term spell that affects stone, and at higher levels, metal hewn objects. This gives the user of stone and metal hewn objects a higher proficiency of use temporarily. It's main use is intended for projectiles such as arrows, bolts, and spears. Higher level users can apply it effectively to armor to assist injured team mates in travel or combat but it is nowhere near as effective as the spells original intent.

E. Stone Image
This spell allows the caster to receive a faint psychic image of what has occurred near and around the stone that is touched. It's as if watching a recording of what has happened near it. When used on tile floors, cups, cutlery and especially jewlry its quite effective as a spying tool.

F. Levitate.
Just like it sounds, but only levitates stone objects. Its a low level spell but higher levels allow the caster to support more with it and for a longer time. It's main use is to create footholds and climbing surfaces where there is none. When a levitated item is touching a soild item it temporary fuses allowing it to act as a anchor. When the spell wears off this fuseing fails and the item falls.

G. Manipulate Metal
This is a high level spell only. It allows you to psychicly bend, mold, and manipulate metals. Each metal must be taken as a separate spell learned. So to manipulate gold is a separate spell from manipulate steel, nickel, etc.

That's my two pennies.
Like I said. I never formalized it out into a full idea.

2014-06-08, 12:25 AM
If you're looking for options like this in a d&d 3.5 game, check out Races of Stone, a WotC sourcebook that's got lots of cool feats and prestige classes themed around gnomes, dwarves, and goliaths (a new race native to mountainous areas). If you're looking for homebrew that's already established here, there's a bunch. Just to scratch the surface you could have a look at my earth dreamer (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?155003-Earth-Dreamer-Base-Class-3-5-PEACH) class, which does most of what you talked about. In your game would you could easily say that the earth dreamer tradition arose among dwarves and that all the greatest earth dreamers are dwarves.