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Baron Corm
2007-02-21, 12:42 AM
Gazing is a supernatural ability that manifests itself in certain creatures, much like sorcery. Some gazers lead short lives rife with strife, as they accidentally and unknowingly destroy the things around them. A small amount become powerful politicians after managing to harness the manipulative powers of gazing.

A few gazers devote their lives to improving their gazing ability. The ones who realize their power and wish to fully explore it quickly discover how useful a blade is in focusing the gaze. A true gazer spends as much time practicing with his weapon as honing his gazing talents. Their uncanny knack for noticing also lends them to being private investigators or special ops mercenaries.



Level 1: Gaze Blade, Stare of Daggers
Level 2: Manipulate
Level 3: Heat Vision, Immobilize
Level 5: [Dominate Animal], [Hold Person]
Level 7: [Charm Monster]
Level 9: Stare of Swords, [Dominate Person], [Hold Monster]
Level 11: Glance, Disintegrate, Petrify
Level 15: Greater Gaze Blade
Level 17: [Dominate Monster]

Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d8
Skill Points: 6 + Int modifier.
Base Attack Bonus: as cleric
Base Saves: Low Fort, Low Reflex, High Will
Class Skills: Appraise, Decipher Script, Knowledge (Nobility and royalty), Knowledge (Local), Intimidate, Forgery, Search, Spot, Sense Motive, Gather Information, Bluff, Diplomacy, Profession, Use Magic Device

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Gazers are proficient with all simple weapons, as well as one 1-handed slashing weapon of their choice. Gazers are proficient with all types of armor, but not with any shields.


Gazes are essentially spell-like abilities with slightly different rules. A creature may attempt to avoid the gaze by using an immediate action, giving a 50% chance for the gaze to fail. This may only be done if the creature knows the gazer to be a gazer. Any other rules applying to gaze attacks also apply to gazes. All gazes have a range of 30 feet. They require a move action to execute. They do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity and are not subject to spell resistance. The gazer's casting stat is his Intelligence.

Gazers find it impossible to deliver their gazes without the help of a specially-attuned blade. They may only gaze when wielding a 1-handed slashing weapon in the primary hand and nothing in the off hand.

Gaze Blade

Any 1-handed slashing weapon that has been in the gazer's possession for at least a week becomes attuned to the unique aura of that particular gazer. The gazer gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls with it.

Stare of Daggers (Sp)

The most basic of gazes, the Stare of Daggers deals 1d4 slashing damage per level with a Fortitude save for half. It is usable 3x/day.

Manipulate (Sp)

At 2nd level, the gazer gains a gaze which may function as the spell Charm Person or Charm Animal. At 5th level it could function as the spell Dominate Animal. At 7th level it could function as the spell Charm Monster. At 9th level it could function as the spell Dominate Person. At 17th level it could function as the spell Dominate Monster. If the target makes his saving throw, the gazer still gets a +1 to Charisma based checks against that creature per two levels. It is usable once per day per two levels.

Heat Vision (Sp)

Beginning at level 3, the gazer may ignite any flammable material by looking at it. Alternatively, he may use his Heat Vision in tandem with his Stare of Daggers (using up a usage of both but still just one move action), causing it to do fire damage instead of slashing damage. Using just his Heat Vision, he may deal 1 fire damage per level (Fortitude half). This is usable once per day per level.

Immobilize (Sp)

Also at 3rd level, the gazer can use the spell Hold Animal, except as a gaze. At 5th level this may be used as Hold Person (with no Arcane Focus). At 9th level this may be used as Hold Monster (with no Material Component).

Stare of Swords

At 9th level, the damage dice of Stare of Daggers becomes 1d8 per level. His Heat Vision begins dealing 2 fire damage per level.


Starting at 11th level, the gazer may use any gaze as a swift action instead of a move action.

Disintegrate (Sp)

The gazer also adds an additional gaze to his repetoire at 11th level. It functions exactly as the spell Disintegrate, except it is a gaze and not a ray. This may be performed 3x/day.

Petrify (Sp)

This second gaze garnered at eleventh level is equivalent to the spell Flesh to Stone with no Material Component. This may be used 3x/day.

Greater Gaze Blade

At level 15, the gazer's attuned weapon grants him a +4 bonus to attack rolls instead of the usual +2. In addition, he may use both his move action and his swift action to perform gazes as his blade now functions as his own eyes. He may use each gaze an additional 3x/day. These extra uses disappear if the gazer ever loses or exchanges his weapon and has to attune a new one.

2007-02-21, 01:03 AM
Interesting..... But I'm a little confused on the number of times per day a glazer may perform a glaze. How many times per day may a Glazer perform a Disintegrate, or a petrify glaze?

Baron Corm
2007-02-21, 01:15 AM
sorry it was 1 am by the time i did those last two... going to bed now! (i edited it to say 3x/day.) (and it's Gazer although Glazer reminds me of cake and lazers which are good but irrelevant ok i'm going to go to sleep)

2007-02-21, 01:32 AM
Why don't they act like other gaze abilities? I mean, if you close your eyes or wear a blindfold (or are blind), shouldn't that prevent gaze attacks from working? At the expense of being blind of course. Or does the gazer not necessarily need eye contact for his powers to work?

Reading the power descriptions, it seems like some of the gazes are physical rays (or something) coming out of the eyes (Stare of Daggers, Heat Vision, Stare of Swords, and Disintegrate), while the others somehow effect a living thing that makes eye contact with you. I mean, heat vision explicitly effects items, and I assume Disintegrate is effective against Wall of Force and the like. Maybe let these affect people regardless of whether they are averting their gaze or not, and have Manipulate, Immobilize and Petrify follow normal gaze rules?

Baron Corm
2007-02-21, 03:04 PM
yeah, it's all supposed to be like rays that work whether people avert their gaze or not. i don't know how to word it. anyway, i doubt anyone'll use this just thought it was a fun idea, so i'm not going to try to reword that mess.