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2014-06-10, 05:11 PM
A natural expansion. Why substitute if you can merge.
(Monk/Swordsage, Warblade/Barbarian, Warblade/Ranger, Knight/Crusader, Marshall/Warblade may or may not be in progress :smalltongue:)

Devoted Blade
Prerequisites: Divine Grace class ability, Indomitable Soul class ability, two Devoted Spirit maneuvers.
Benefit: You add your full Paladin level (instead of half, as normal) to your Crusader initiator level.
Your Paladin and Crusader levels stack when determining your Paladin caster level, the extra damage dealt by your smite evil ability as well as the times per day you can use it.
In addition, you can multiclass freely between the paladin and crusader classes. You must still remain lawful good in order to retain your paladin abilities and take paladin levels.

Sage of Shadows
Prerequisites:Two Shadow Hand maneuvers, +2d6 sneak attack
Benefit: You add your full Rogue level (instead of half, as normal) to your Swordsage initiator level.
You add your Swordsage level to your Rogue level when determining your bonus Sneak Attack damage dice (Up to half your Rogue level).
Additionaly, when in a Shadow Hand stance, before you make an attack roll you can exit the stance as a swift action. If you do so, you treat your target as flatfooted against that attack.

Martial Spellblade
Prerequisites: Arcane Channeling class ability, Battle Clarity class ability.
Benefit: You add your full Duskblade level (instead of half, as normal) to your Warblade initiator level.
You add your Warblade level to your Duskblade caster level.
As a full-round action you may initiate a martial Strike with an initiation time no longer than a standard action and channel a spell through your weapon (As with the Arcane Channeling ability) in the same attack.

EDIT: Balance changes made.

2014-06-12, 10:34 AM
Devoted Blade: Increases Caster Level but not spells per day? Looks like it works as is, being in line with a theurgic feat (although having it require two abilities which explicitly do not stack is humorous to me).

Sage of Shadows: On the other hand is a big no for several reasons. The first is that it makes rogue a 3 level dip, and 3 levels + feat should not give +10d6 damage/attack and not slow your maneuver progression. The second is that you can qualify for it with Swordsage 5 for +10d6 sneak attack due to Assassin's Stance being all that's needed to qualify. The additional benefit needs an action time, and at a free action would work as a feat all of its own (especially with Assassin's Stance).

Martial Spellblade: More powerful than Devoted Blade, more reasonable than Sage of Shadows. I'd have to make some test builds to say about this one.

2014-06-12, 11:08 AM
Changed the Sage of Shadows feat to effectively require two swift actions, nerfed the sneak attack progression to explicitly require Rogue levels to give any benefit.

Well, initially I wanted Devoted Blade to give Paladin's spell progression as well, but I thought that this would be pushing to the highest parts of T3 with a Paladin4/Bard2/Crusader14 with this feat + SotWR. I wonder about half casting progression (that would be a precedent I don't really want to make, though).
EDIT: Damn, now I want that Pal/Bard/Crus to actually work...

The third... Well, I guess this COULD give a big damage output with a Metamagic'd Shocking Grasp and a well-chosen Diamond Mind or Iron Heart maneuver. Cannot move though.