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2014-06-16, 07:07 PM
I... Used to hang around on the GitP D&D forums quite a bit. TBH I'm not really sure why I stopped. I think it was when I started really digging in D&D Next's monster math. No forums really looked at D&D Next strongly and I guess I just kinda fell away from them...

Anyhoo I really should have posted here as my articles went up. Well the D&D Next is basically done and so is the series.

But as D&D 5e launches I'll be back at unravelling the math and looking at monsters and this time I will post here!

In the meantime anyone interested can always check out the master index (url=http://surfarcher.blogspot.com/2013/07/d-next-monsters-part-1-getting-started.html).

But most DMs will probably just want to head straight to the existing stats table (http://surfarcher.blogspot.com/2013/08/d-next-monsters-part-8-putting-it-all.html) or the revised stats table (http://surfarcher.blogspot.com/2014/06/d-next-monsters-part-16-rebooting-math.html) to help them build/tweak monsters.

Hope folks get some use out of it and I'll do my best to answer any honest questions!

2014-06-16, 08:32 PM
Oh good, these were interesting when I checked them out a while ago.

2014-06-16, 09:52 PM
Very nice. I attempted to something similar to this on my own and came up with some similar numbers, but yours is all nice and laid out in a table. I'm definitely bookmarking the revised stats summary.

2014-06-16, 10:42 PM
Thanks guys...

If just a few people get value out of it, then it was worth doing!