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2014-06-20, 12:51 PM
This will be a work in process for a long time I imagine, I just saw the movie 'Now you see me' and I was inspired by one of the magicians who fought with card tricks and the such. Got me thinking about a rogue-ish character with abilities based on the Sleight of Hand skill. I will be constantly doing small updates rather then a few big ones and this is my first ever homebrew, so feel free to give advice on how to work some of the stuff out. Please feel free to submit any ideas you may have. I would like it to be based around stunning rather then damage.

The Trickster

Background: Street entertainers do all sorts of tricks, confusing hundreds of people each day. The trickster takes this to the next level. The trickster calls upon his knowledge of misdirection and pseudo magic tricks to fight his enemies.

Role: Tricksters can be skill monkeys with their large of skills and skill points and they can do crowd control with their stunning abilities.

Skills: as Rogue
Base Attack Bonus: Medium

Let's Brew!