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Illiterate Scribe
2007-02-24, 08:00 AM
'Unearthly Grace (Su)
A X adds her Charisma modifier as a bonus on all her saving throws, and as a deflection bonus to her Armor Class. (The statistics block already reflects these bonuses).'

What would be the cheapest creature for LA/HD which has this ability?

Lord Lorac Silvanos
2007-02-24, 08:25 AM
Nymph: 6 HD /+7LA

You can find a Half-Nymph in some 3rd party books.
Bastards and Bloodlines
Book of Templates

Illiterate Scribe
2007-02-24, 08:38 AM
I found Half-Nymph in DR313 (or Crystal Keep, to be precise :smallbiggrin:) but it only has 'counts as fey', and 'awesome beauty'. ECL13 is fairly high, as I have been considering Monk (with Ascetic Mage) / Sorceror / Arcane Duellist / Fax Celestis' Paladin variant (with various divine feats, and mantle of humility). All the bonuses are different - stacking!

This would give me insane Cha synergy -

5xbonus to AC (unearthly grace, ascetic mage, arcane duellist, divine shield, mantle of humility)
2xbonus to saves (unearthly grace, divine grace)
1xbonus to attack rolls (smite evil)
1xbonus to damage (divine might)

2007-02-24, 10:19 AM
Where's your Snowflake Wardance, infidel?

Illiterate Scribe
2007-02-24, 12:10 PM
Where's your Snowflake Wardance, infidel?

What would that be? More importantly, can I find it without paying?

EDIT: Gotcha! http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/news/20040903news. Thankyou.

2007-02-24, 06:34 PM
It's teh internets. Everything's available for free (although not, always, legally...).

The feat is a key element of the Paladin/Bard Devoted Performer Initiate of Milil -build.

Bears With Lasers
2007-02-24, 06:37 PM
Gloura, from the Underdark book, availible as an excerpt on the Wizards site (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ex/20031003e). 7 HD, LA +2, casts as a Bard 7.

2007-02-24, 10:43 PM
I thought Unearthly Grace was just a +cha to AC! (This is the one from the Complete Book of Fey, right?)
Anyways, I got my DM to let me have it because the character (half-elf warlock) got his powers from being attacked by and partially transformed into an evil fey.

-Not strictly RAW, but oh well.