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2007-02-25, 01:40 PM
Now, this is a mad idea and I know it. My friends and I once in a while have a d20 marathon. I had this idea for some next one, and the best way to describe this is perhaps rayman and oddworld. Strange creatures that seem to have no notion of laws of nature and have some strange spin-offs of what sort of ability’s were used to.
So how would one make a character? First, there are races, but the players should not have to be part of it. There is after al only one rayman, for instance. (I’m sure some game had more than one, but most character seem to be unique.) so, there should instead be forms, one small and one medium that grants mutation points. Actually, more mutation points than should be good for a lvl1 character. Now, the classes will be modern, so you don’t have the stereotypical “fighter” and “rogue” instead, you have strong guy, and fast guy. Then, next there is a big pile of gold you get to spend on dnd stuff, exactly enough to buy a bastard sword full plate and a tower shield, but nothing more. After that, you don’t gain any more gold, instead you gain some magic version of your weapon and armor or perhaps a special weapon (a pirate blaster?) much like gaining extra powers in those games. the monster of course will be dnd, but perhaps look totally different than they normally do. Or a bit spin of again, change a giant owl into a construct, now you have a giant living owl dol.
The problem now is. Are the modern classes strong enough to match up to the dnd monsters. The equipment gained should match up to wealth by level. Or, if they do not, should the players perhaps gain the mutation template (8 mutation points) and then be balanced, or perhaps gain a few mutation points per level? What, do you think, makes a balanced and interesting game. At least for a while.
Ok, so if for some crazy reason you actually would like to help me on this as a real campaign, get over here: http://www.phpbb88.com/worldbuilding/
EDIT: Ow forget the modern classes, just use the base classes and any other classes you can find I suppose.