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2014-06-27, 01:04 PM
This is super narrow in application, but seems appropriate.

Ghoulish Mindblade
Your manifested blade of mental power takes on your horrific ghoulish powers.
Prerequisites: Ghoul or Ghast Race, Mindblade class feature, Base Attack Bonus +4.
Benefit: You can deliver your paralysis attacks through your mindblade attacks. Your opponent still gets a saving throw and any elven racial immunites still apply (unless you are a ghast).

Analysis: The only possible balance issue I can think of is that manufactured weapons (like soulknife mindblades) get iterative attacks, whereas natural weapons (like ghoul claw and bite attacks) do not. A dual-wielding ghoul soulknife could really spread the paralysis around.

Assuming that Ghoulish Mindblade isn't overpowered, a second feat in this hypothetical chain:

Improved Ghoulish Mindblade
Your psychic strikes increase the potency of your ghoul paralysis.
Prerequisites: Ghoul or Ghast Race, Mindblade class feature, Ghoulish Mindblade, Base Attack Bonus +4.
Benefit: When you deliver a paralysis attack while using your psychic strike class feature, add your total number of Psychic Strike dice to the Difficulty Class of the saving throw of your paralysis.

Analysis: This feat can put paralysis saving throw DCs higher than the spell save DCs of an similarly specced and leveled sorcerer or wizard. Having to stop to recharge a psychic strike to get it, however is a mitigating factor.

What say you?

2014-06-27, 02:42 PM
I don't think this is overpowered. You shouldn't be concerned with iterative attacks. Soul knives get those at very late, and with the Ghoul HD (plus any LA) their ECL would be at least 9 by that time. At that point, the DC of their paralysis isn't a big deal. They can't even hit things anyway, and they are an underpowered class in general. The improved version is also good.

One thing you probably shouldn't do is sic this guy on unsuspecting players, especially at low level. It's sort of a nasty trick.

It's a neat ability for a ghoul soulknife character (very specific, though, as you've said). I wouldn't give such a thing to any other class, though.