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ace rooster
2014-06-29, 06:59 AM
In another thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?357997-How-much-do-you-guys-know-about-lava&p=17697013) Lateral was asking about the feasibilty of fighting over a pool of lava, and the general consensus was that without proper precautions it would be a bit too fatal. Dwarves (in my games) are clever sorts who would have developed methods for working in forge enviroments safely (ish) so I present the dwarven forge suit. A suit of layered mineral fabric with piping built into plates for cooling water to flow complete with visor. There are places for a bottle of air and a decanter of endless water to make the suit truely self sufficient. A must for any commited furnace worker.

Dwarven forge suit
Armor value +4, acp -6, asf 50%, cost 2000gp, weight 50lb. Heavy armor.

resist fire 30. The armor only functions well when undamaged, so if the wearer takes damage reduce the resistance by the same amount, down to a min of 5. By default the suit comes with a 50lb water tank, which can protect from a total of 4hp of damage per lb of water before being exausted. The tank can be replaced with a decanter of endless water with no modification.

-10 to hide checks. The suit is highly reflective by necessity. Any effect that removes this penalty also removes the protection.

Heatproof visor. The visor protects the face and eyes, but darkvision and low light vision do not function through it. Lifting the visor reduces the protection and causes the wearer to take half damage instead of full protection.

Cannot be made of special materials. The materials are required for the armour to function, and are already the best they can be.

2014-06-29, 03:36 PM
Way too cheap. This is similar to Armor of Fire Resistance, Greater.


2014-07-01, 10:10 PM
Well yes it is, but it is the AC of scale mail, can't be another special material, and worsens if you get hit. These things are all significant downsides to is over, say, mithril breastplate of fire resistance, which is a bit more expensive but better in every way save cost and fire resist.

...Enchantments without enchanting...

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