View Full Version : So, what does 5e feel like?

2014-07-05, 04:58 AM
I've been playing both 3.5th and 4th edition for quite some time now (both are great), but I have never played 5e.

Taking a look at the playtest packet made me think. The game seemed to be influenced heavily by both 3.5 and 4e. Which of these two do you think 5e is most like?

Yuki Akuma
2014-07-05, 05:03 AM
It feels like a hybrid of AD&D 2e and D&D 3e/3.5. Not very 4e at all, although there are some obvious 4e bits in it (like death saving throws and at-will cantrips).

Kurald Galain
2014-07-05, 06:02 AM
It's basically a tweaked version of 3E with some 2E influences. I don't see any parts of 4E at all, except that they re-used certain terms from that game as lip service. Certainly its design philosophy is nothing like 4E's.