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2014-07-06, 06:33 PM
Just got done running the Wizards Amulet from Frog God Games. Its a very short short short module with a pretty climatic ending. Will recount the gaming session in spoiler incase anyone wanted to check it out or have it run for them.

First off we started out making characters. Group made a Dwarven Cleric, Dwarven Great Weapon Fighter, Elf Rogue, Elf Wizard, and a Halfling Rogue.

It started out with the Luecrotta hiding and using its mimic ability to lure them to an advantageous ambush. The group was weary of the trick and was advancing slowly. Till I had momma help out with the trick. So that kind of spurred them into action. Then with the trap sprung the little one ran to the Cleric and missed, then ran away and hit the cleric dealing 1 point of damage and knocking him prone. The Cleric also hit dealing some damage from his Attack of Opprpotunity, and the Elf Rogues readied action went off and he shot it. Killing it. the momma then moved to the Elf Rogue and missed. Then a hit and a lucky crit killed her before she could act again.

The final battle had them showing up at the Farm and they did the right thing by performing the rites and burning the zombies before they could be activated. Then once they went into the house the Wizard and Thugs set the house on fire. Forcing them to get out of the house and not use it as cover. The skeletons did a little damage to the Fighter as he made his way to them and the Cleric did some nice Radiant Damage to them from Range. Then things went south for the fighter. He drops one skeleton like its nothing with his Maul. So focus fire on him cus he is closest and he drops to 0 before he could act again. Unlucky rolls on my part leave the rest of the group unharmed. The Wizard put the thugs to sleep but the enemy wizard woke them up on his turn by walking over them (same thing the party did for the first encounter btw.) The enemy wizard tried to end the battle by getting close enough to cast Suggestion but that turned out to be his downfall as the cleric walked up to him and hit him with Inflict Wounds killing him. After that happened the last 2 skeletons went down easy and the Thugs ran away. The Imp Familiar had enough shenanigans and poisoned the Wizard and ripped the Amulet from him and flew away.

Through good use of stealth and hit and run tactics the Rogues did wonderful. The Cleric did fine with his Casting and his melee ability. The Fighter is a fighter. He hit stuff (thats just the player though lol), The Wizard plays like a Wizard. So all in all nothing really new but nothing totally broken or anyone over shadowed as far as my group was concerned.

I am happy with this direction so far. Will know more once the rest of the books drop. The group said "Hey at least its not 4th lol" and I agree to an extent. 4th has its ups and downs just like any edition. It just dont work for our group it seems. So next session when I get my boxed set we will start to make some final views on this edition.

2014-07-07, 11:54 AM
It's nice to see a game where the players are in danger. Where they have to change tactics because something didn't go according to plan, and their numbers are dwindled. I am both impressed, and glad to see that this edition works so well.

Finally, numbers that make sense. Combat that feels like combat (quick and ugly). Win win for you and your group. Providing you enjoyed what you played that is. It definitely is not for everyone if the forums are any indication.