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Crystal Shaper Archetype

Overview: This archetype can be applied to any psionic class with manifesting. It changes the classes focus from manipulating their minds to manipulating their body. An important part of this class are the feats they gain access to, allowing them access to strong powers at the cost of being very feat starved at all times.

Role: Crystal Shaper can fit almost any roll that they choose to specialize in. From summoners, to crafters, and front line fighters. Their skill with the manipulation of crystal allows them to manipulate other crystalline how they want, increasing their combat ability, healing, or even controlling their minds. They have less ability to manipulate normal creatures and some forms of manifestation are very foreign to them.

Crystal Shapers: this archetype can be applied to any psionic class with manifesting. It only replaces powers known and feats, so you still get the abilities of the class.

Requirement: Your character must have the Crystalline Template or be a Crystalline.

Shaping: Instead of focusing on psionic powers of the mind you focus on powers of your crystalline body. When learning new powers you learn from the Crystal Shaper power list instead of the normal list for your class. This has no affect on powers learned from abilities or feats; psions do not gain the ability to learn powers from their chosen discipline but still choose one.

Crystal Power Limitation: Unless otherwise noted, powers learned from the crystal shaper power list can only target objects made of crystal, crystalline, and creatures with the crystalline template. Objects made or summoned by these Powers are made of normal quartz that breaks apart when the power ends. Crystal power limitation does not affect any other form of manifesting you may have.

The powers Crystal Shard, Swarm of Crystals, Shrapnel Burst, Hail of Crystals, Crystalline Object, and Crystallize can ignore crystal power limitation’s target limit.

Powers that are not on your crystal shaper power list are not affected by crystal power limitations target limit and are not made of crystal.

Permanent Powers: You can make powers learned from the crystal shaper power list last as long as you want, but doing so limits your other abilities. Until the power is dismissed your power point pool is permanently lowered by twice the amount of power points used to manifest the power (your power point pool is lowered by 1 for powers that cost 0 power points). When manifesting a power on another, they may choose to instead have their own power point pool lowered instead of yours. A power with a duration of concentration, instantaneous, or permanent, is not affected by this feat. The power’s total cost cannot exceed your manifester level as normal.
Astral constructs summoned using the permanent power ability gain the Crystalline Template and lose their normal construct abilities. They gain a constitution score of 10 plus the level of the construct (so 11 for a level 1, and 14 for a level 4).

Crystal Shaper Power List:Note that powers with a * next to them are new

Level 0
Blinding flash
Conceal thoughts
Ectoplasmic trinket
Fortify, lesser
Psionic repair
Sense poison

Level 1
Metamophosis, minor
Astral construct
*Crystallize, object
*Modify Matter, minor
Call to mind
Crystal shard
Detect compulsion
Empty mind
Sense link
Natural healing
Thicken skin
Empathic connection
Mind link
Suppress compulsion
Metaphysical claw
Metaphysical weapon

Level 2
Bestow power
Cleanse body
Cloud mind
Empathic condition relief
Energy adaptation, specified
Psychic bodyguard
Swarm of crystals
Thought shield
Animal affinity
Empathic transfer
Resist toxin
Compelling voice
Read thoughts
Sense minds
Brain lock
Body purification
Psionic lion’s charge
Preserve Psyche
*Custom Transformation

Level 3
Duodimensional claw
Escape detection
Evade burst
Graft armor
Graft weapon
Sharpened edge
Ubiquitous vision
Physical acceleration
False sensory input
Crisis of breath
Resist death
*Resonate Connection
*Possession Willing

Level 4
Psychic Reformation
Battle transformation
Shrapnel burst
Hidden body
Control body
Mind control
Modify Matter
*Crystal Replacement

Level 5
Pierce the veils
Power resistance
Adapt body
Restore extremity
Hail of crystals
Psionic revivify

Level 6
Aura alteration
Trigger power
Cleanse spirit
Mind switch
Modify Matter, greater
Metamorphosis, major

Level 7
Barred mind, personal
Crisis of life

Level 8
Barred Mind

Level 9
Mind Switch, true
Psychic chirurgery
Metamorphosis, true

New powers:

Crystallize, Object: You can transform the world around you to crystal.
level 1 power, 1pp, Range: touch.

You turn 1cu/ft of soft material like dirt, snow, and sand into Quartz crystal. This ability can only target unattended non-magical objects.

1. If you spend 2 additional power points this power affects 1cu/ft per level.
2. For each 2 additional power points spent, you can affect substances with a hardness of 2 additional points (such as stone or ice) starting at hardness 0.
3. If you spend 4 additional power points the material becomes Living Crystal.

Modify Matter, Minor: Just as you move your hands you can manipulate
level 1 power, 1 PP.

As Modify Matter but only 1cu/ft of material is the target, and the manifesting time is 1 round per cu/ft

If you spend 2 additional power points this power affects 1cu/ft per level.

Custom Transformation: Mimic the abilities of the Aegis, and transform your body in new ways.
level 2 power, 3pp, Self, 10min/level, manifesting time: 1 minute:

Choose a 1 point customization from the Aegis’s astral suit ability, you gain the benefit of that customization. Customizations that require a certain level of Aegis instead require a certain manifester level.

1. For each 4 additional power points you spend, the point cost of the customization you can choose increases by 1.
2. If you spend 4 additional power points, you can manifest this power as a standard action.

Resonate Connection: Mimic the abilities of the Vitalist and connect the minds of crystalline together.
level 3 power, 5pp, 1 minute/level, manifesting time: 1 standard, self.

You gain the Collective and Telepathy abilities of the vitalist as if you had a vitalist level of 5.

1. For each additional power point spent your effective vitalist level for these abilities increases by 1.
2. If you spend 4 additional power points the duration of this power becomes 1hour/level and your effective vitalist level increases by 4.

Crystal Replacement: By entering into a crystal you can move your mind to another crystal and remake yourself from the new crystal.
level 4 Power, 7 PP, full round action, Range Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level),

When you manifest this power, you gain the ability to step into a quartz crystal your size or larger, entering the crystal. Once within a crystal, you can teleport from that particular crystal to any other crystal of your size or larger. Interplanar travel is not possible. The crystal you teleport to must be one you know the location of. You can only bring items make of crystal with you.

1. For each 2 additional power points you may bring another ally your size or smaller with you, that ally must also be a crystalline or have the crystalline template and bring only objects made of crystal.
2. If you spend 4 additional power points your body and crystal possessions form a crystal, allowing you to transport without being near a crystal.
3. If you spend 6 additional power points the range becomes 100miles/level, or you may choose a known crystal in another plane.

Possession, Willing: You can move the harmonics of your own mind to the body of another, controlling them completely.
level 3 power, 5pp, 30ft, 1hour/level, range: touch, 1 willing ally or astral construct.

A willing ally, or astral construct with the crystalline template, can grant you control of their body. Essentially placing your mind (and soul) into its body and suppressing their own. You can target any creature whose Hit Dice are equal to or less than your manifester level.

You possess the target’s body and suppress the creature’s mind. You can move your mind back into your own body whenever you desire, which returns the subject’s mind to control of their body and ends the power. If the manifestation succeeds, your life force occupies the host body and your body is helpless.

You can call on rudimentary or instinctive knowledge of the subject creature, but not upon its acquired or learned knowledge (such as skills and feats it possesses). The possession brings about the following changes.

You gain the type of your assumed body.

You gain the Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores of your assumed body.

You gain the natural armor, natural attacks, movement, and other simple physical characteristics of your assumed body.

You gain the extraordinary special attacks and qualities of your assumed body, but you do not gain supernatural or spell-like abilities.

You gain the possessions and equipment of your assumed body.

You retain your own hit points, saving throws (possibly modified by new ability scores), class abilities, supernatural and spell-like abilities, spells and powers, and skills and feats (although skill checks use your new ability scores, and you may be temporarily unable to use feats whose requirements you do not meet in your new body).

You suffer two temporary negative levels upon manifesting this power, as your mind adjusts to controlling a new body. These negative levels cannot be cured, but fade at a rate of one every 24 hours.

Supernatural abilities that require a certain body part may be unavailable in your new form.

If the host body dies you are returned to your own body, if your body dies during this power you die and the host regains control of its body.

A targeted dispel psionics (or similar spells or effects) successfully manifested on either participant causes your mind to return to its original body.

If you manifest possession when possessing a body your mind moves to the new target and the original host regains control of their body.

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Shaper Feats: Shapers can gain improved power over their abilities by taking some of the following feats.

Physical Power [psionic]
Benefit: You may choose to add a material component to a power you are manifesting that is affected by crystal power limitation. The material component is 1 cu/ft of crystal for each level of the power. You gain 1 temporary power point to use on the power you are manifesting. These power points are still counted to determine the maximum number of power points spent on the power, but are not deducted from the shaper’s power point pool.
At level 5 and every 5 levels after that you may choose this feat again, increasing the bonus power points gained by 1.

Crystalline Recruitment [psionic]
Prerequisite: Crystallize, crystalline or crystalline template
Benefit: When the target of crystallize fails its fortitude save you may choose to have the target gains the Crystalline Template instead of the normal effect.

Harmonic Power [metapsionic]
Benefit: To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. You can manifest a power gained from the shaping power list with a touch, gaining no benefit yourself, but granting it to a willing target. You must succeed on a touch attack for the target to be affected by the power or the power points are lost.
Alternatively, the power is treated as having the Network descriptor, rather than making a touch attack.
Using this feat increases the power point cost of the power by 2. The power's total cost cannot exceed your manifester level.

Rapid Shaper [psionic]
Prerequisite: Modify Matter, Crystal Shaper 3
Benefit: The casting time for the modify matter powers changes to 1 standard action per cu/ft.
Normal: The casting time for modify matter powers is 1 full round action per cu/ft.

Electrical Discharge [psionic]
Prerequisites: Crystal Power Limitation
Benefit: Choose 1 power from the following list and energy splash, you gain those powers as powers known. These powers will only deal electricity damage regardless of your active energy type and are not affected by crystal power limitation. Additionally add the powers on this list to the list of powers you can choose from the shaper list.

Energy Ball, Energy Bolt, Energy Burst, Energy Cone, Energy Current, Energy Missile, Energy Push, Energy Ray, Energy Retort, Energy Splash, Energy Stun, Energy Wall, Energy Wave

Elemental Beam [Psionic]
Prerequisites: Crystal Power Limitation, Electrical Discharge
Benefit: The Electrical Discharge feat no longer limits you to electrical damage only, use your active energy type as normal.

Expanded Shaper Power [psionic]
Prerequisites: Shaper level 5
Benefit: Chose a power you know, that power is added to the crystal shaper power list and is affected by crystal power limitation as normal.
You can choose this feat multiple times, each time it affects a different power.

Psionic Dabbling [psionic]
Prerequisite: Manifester level 5
Benefit: You may learn powers from your original power list or powers from the crystal shaper power list when choosing new powers known. You may choose any power up to one level lower than the highest-level power you can manifest.

Full Power Psionics [psionic]
Prerequisite: Psionic Dabbling, Manifester level 10
Benefit: You may learn powers from your original power list or powers from the crystal shaper power list when choosing new powers known.

Crystalline Race Description
A race of humans who have been fused with living crystal. Their bodies, while made of crystal, are crafted to match normal human anatomy with only a few exceptions. The towns and cities of crystalline are commonly peaceful places with no crime as the enforcers of the law can literally look into people’s minds to determine their guilt or innocence.

Physical Description: Crystalline appear human with male and female attributes exaggerated. Females are slim, slender, and graceful while males are more gruff and sturdy. While crystalline appear to be another race, typically human, this is just mimicry. Their bodies are made of quartz crystal and their mind is made of psionic energy, forming a life form very different from others. However they act like normal humanoids, they bleed, they tire, they can drown, and they are affected by diseases. It is believed the crystal lord deliberately limited the crystalline, and that they could easily become far more than they are by training their bodies.

Individuals who have gained the ability to control the living crystal in their body can sometimes have areas of their bodies replaced by crystal. Perhaps the knee has a spike of crystal, maybe there skin is very reflective, or a few fingers are entirely crystallized. Certain attributes can even be changed by shapers for a small price; a woman might have golden blond hair one day then a nearly glowing red the next.

A crystalline can be formed in 1 of 2 ways. First, two crystalline can have a child like normal humans, crystalline cannot get pregnant from a humanoid nor can they get a humanoid pregnant. Secondly a humanoid species can be converted into a Crystalline by a strong shaper, usually by choice.

Society: The crystalline have very strict law and crime cannot easily be hidden from the Control Shapers and their ability to read the minds of normal crystalline. While the laws may be near impossible to fight most people agree they are just and properly enforced, the ones who do not agree usually go into exile. With the ability to read each-others minds corruption is very rare, unless the highest crystalline in the area is corrupt. The higher crystalline are chosen if they have proved themselves in some way to be trustworthy and skilled, usually threw their mental abilities or proving themselves in combat. Being born from powerful shapers means nothing until you prove your own skill. The highest crystalline in an area is the final ruling on what the laws mean as some are admittedly very open to interpretation.

Males and females are not equal in the crystalline community. All men are encouraged to fight and roughhouse as children to prepare for the future, and are tough to always protect women. The father of a family is required to not only have the means to support their family, but to also protect them. Most men have some form of combat training. For females their life is left mostly to their own choices, they can rely on the men to protect them or they can choose to learn to fight for themselves. Nothing is demanded of the women like they are of the men.

A crystalline city or town can be easily spotted, because the buildings are made of crystal. The natural ability of crystalline to manipulate crystal means they can produce large structures rapidly. Like their own bodies the structures tend to mimic normal materials, looking like wood and stone until you take a closer look. Most towns have a way to reach Inspira, through some sort of transportation crystal.
Most crystalline live in Inspira, a plane made by the Crystal Lord. The world is described as a shining utopia by many, however this can easily be a deception or propaganda. Only crystalline and objects of crystal can enter the plane of Inspira, so it has never been seen by a true outsider.

Relations: Their human appearance means a crystalline can blend into societies with little trouble. People who appreciate the law and abilities of the crystalline tend to enjoy time among them while people who deal in crime tend to avoid their lands at all costs.

Crystalline can come off as a bit fearless of their own death as it is a natural part of life for them to accept death in the end, however they are sometimes overprotective of children, fearing they might not have a chance to live their full life. Both of these beliefs come from the crystal lords teachings.

Alignment and Religion: The law among the crystalline tends to make evil acts impossible, crystalline that use their powers for evil are constantly on the run from their own kind. Most crystalline are either good, lawful, or neutral, being evil or chaotic tends to be more trouble than it is worth.

There is no established religion among the crystalline; people may follow any god or gods they wish. A large group of people do worship the crystal lord, though he does not encourage this as he is not an actual god.

The Crystal Lord is the second of the crystalline species, and the current ruler after the passing of the first crystalline. The current lord has been in charge for hundreds of years, and he remains the final word on all activities that affect the species. He is seen as an almost godlike authority figure to most crystalline, but has no divine ability.
Adventures: A crystalline may find the life of an adventurer as exciting ways to better themselves and their people. Running into a crystalline far from their cities is rare, but not impossible.

Age: Crystalline grow like a human up to age 20, at that point they are considered adults and stop aging, they do not suffer the negative effects of aging until they decide their time among the living is complete, usually around 100 years and with their significant other. While there is no law limiting the age of people it is looked down on to choose to outlive your family. Crystalline of great importance generally continue to live for hundreds of years to continue their duty to the species, and there passing is treated more as a celebration of their achievements than a normal funeral.

Height/Weight: An average male is between 5.8 and 6.4 while a female is between 5.2 and 5.10. A stone body is bound to be heavy, and this is true of Crystalline. Males tend to weigh between 280 and 500 pounts, while a female usually weighs half that.

Shapers: Any crystalline can choose to study the abilities of their body and learn ways to control it. These people are shapers. A shaper can use this ability to manipulate their bodies and the bodies of other crystalline, manipulate the minds of crystalline, and even creature objects and constructs with ease. A shaper can potentially fill many roles, but some aspects are difficult for them, and switching roles can take a day of training and meditation.

Inspira: Inspira is the realm of the crystalline, a hidden plane made of living crystal where the minds of all crystalline converge. When a crystalline comes here his wounds are healed and his mind and body are constantly reinvigorated, allowing endless power for casters. The land is under strict control by the Crystal Lord, and his law is absolute, any renegade crystalline dare not enter this world. Crystal shapers can learn to travel to Inspira, however only beings of crystal can follow.
While crystalline can find many powerful items and tools in this land most only work inside Inspira with its infinite energy, most do not function to anywhere near the same ability in any other plane.
When leaving Inspira you can choose from many different towns to return to in the material plane, and even some in other planes.


Ability Score: Crystalline characters gain a +2 racial bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.

Medium: Crystalline have no bonuses or penalties due to size.

Normal speed: Crystalline have a base speed of 30 ft.

Human Shape: Crystalline are made of solid crystal but take on the appearance of the chosen race. Choose a race. You gain a +10 disguise bonus to appear as that race.

Living Crystal: Crystalline are not flesh and blood, but constructs. Unlike other constructs, Crystalline have a Constitution score, and make Fortitude saves. They are not immune to paralysis, stunning, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, energy drain, and death effects. Crystalline are at risk of death from massive damage, but are not immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less and gain no bonus hit points based on size. They can be raised or resurrected.

Crystalline are immune to bleed, disease, poison, sleep effects, necromancy, nonlethal damage, and do not breathe, sleep, or need water.

Crystalline are not immune to mind-affecting effects, but their strange minds gain a +2 racial bonus to resist them.

Crystalline do not regenerate and receive only half the healing of any healing or repair magic that restores health points or ability damage.
A crystalline is made of quartz crystal, and is subject to spells and powers that affect creatures made of or wearing these substances.

Crystallization Feeding: a crystalline must eat 4 pounds (for medium size) of soft material like food, soil, plants, cloth or mundane crystals per day or suffer starvation. Each pound of food eaten heals 1hp, to a maximum of 2/level per day. Feeding takes 1 minute to eat 1 pound.

Naturally Psionic: Crystalline gain the Wild Talent feat as a bonus feat at 1st level. If a crystalline takes levels in a psionic class, she instead gains the Psionic Talent feat.

Psionic Aptitude: When a crystalline takes a level in a favored class, he can choose to gain an additional power point instead of a hit point or skill point.

Sink like a rock: a crystalline is not buoyant in water and sinks as if made of solid rock, they have -10 to swim skill.

Languages: Crystalline speak common and may learn new languages as if human.

Crystalline Template: This template is applied to people and creatures who are transformed into a crystalline. Only living creatures and humanoids can gain this template.
Normal Shape: Crystalline are made of solid crystal but take on the appearance of their normal form. The creature gains a +10 disguise bonus to appear as its original race. Astral constructs and objects instead gain a +10 disguise bonus to whatever appearance the manifester decides they should take.

Creatures and people with the crystalline template gain the Living crystal, crystallization feeding, and sink like a rock abilities of the crystalline.

Special Materials: these 2 materials are important to the crystalline, because they are created and manipulated by their abilities.
Quartz Crystal: This crystal, made by Crystal Shapers, is very similar to regular Quartz. When used to make weapons and armor the item function the same as steel, but always has the fragile quality unless enchanted or magically reinforced. Additionally the items have sonic vulnerability like other crystals. Items made of this crystal work with all Crystal Lord abilities.
Quartz Crystal has 15 hit points per inch of thickness and a hardness of 8. Unlike quartz found in our world, this quartz weighs 75 pounds per square inch. Because shapers are able to quickly make more and more Quartz Crystal it has a base price of 3/4 normal for weapons, armor, simple tools, basic ammunition, and construction material. Some objects that utilize a specific material like gunpowder for bullets, or wood floating for boats, cannot be made from quartz.

Living Crystal: Living Crystal is more similar to the crystal found in a Crystalline’s body. It acts like Quartz Crystal in all ways, with a few bonuses. Items made of living crystal are treated as having a wisdom score of 1 and are a willing ally for the requirements to join a collective made by a Crystalline, allowing them to affect the item at increased ranges. Additionally the item has the crystalline template, and can feed by being in contact with non-living quartz.

The market price of light armor is increased by 400 gp, medium armor by 1,000 gp, heavy armor by 2,000 gp, shields by 100 gp, ammunition by 10 gp, light weapons by 100 gp, onehanded weapons, or one head of a double weapon by 300 gp, two-handed weapons, or both heads of a double weapon by 500 gp, and other items by 100 gp/lb.

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