View Full Version : Player Help Table Check my Level 1 warlock please?

2014-08-08, 01:06 AM
Just want to make sure am doing everything right.

I am doing a Half Elf 27 point build Warlock , level 1. Old One Pact with Hermit background.

Would love to see if I have any misunderstanings on how character creation works.


2014-08-08, 09:35 AM
I won't comment on your point buy because I never use it and don't know 5e pb off the top of my head

Didn't give yourself any proficiency in Skills, you have at least 2 from the class and some number from the Hermit Background (See next statement)
Hermit background gives you Medicine and Religion as Skills, Herbalism Kit as tool prof and an extra language.
Not exactly sure where the other extra language comes from but guessing Half Elf
You are missing the Equipment from the Hermit (if using that) and if you are using Hermit Equipment then you get Warlock Equipment too. Otherwise you get to roll and pick Equipment but none from class and background.

Your Proficiency Bonus starts at +2 not +1

Are the Expanded Spell lists things you know for Free or just possible spells you can choose to know? Is Tasha's Hideous Laughter for a lvl 1 spell?
Might want to put your primary casting ability, save DC and attack bonus on the sheet for ease of use

amusing side note, they are cantrips not cattrips (Features and Traits section)