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Has anyone found any homebrew Incarnum stuff on WotC forums or Giantitp? If so, please PM me any links.

Variant Rules and Changes

Character Creation
ECL 12
At least two points of essentia and four meldshaper levels.

All Core base classes
Favored Soul

Follow the Rainbow: The Color of Souls
Incarnum, in its most native and untapped state, is deep blue. But when focused by a meldshaper, it takes on that character's innate color. Each character has an innate color that makes them unique from any other meldshaper:
-Roll 25d10 three times, for Red, Green, and Blue.
-Consult a RGB color chart to figure out the character's exact color.

A character's innate color dictates what color their eyes become when using soulmelds or investing essentia. Azurin eyes always glow, even when not in use.

A Lawful character's incarnum is rather stable, with only minor fluctuations across a usually unmarred and clear surface.
A Chaotic character's incarnum is very fluid, with shapes moving throughout the surface.
A Good character's incarnum forms in very rounded and smooth shapes.
An Evil character's incarnum forms with very sharp looking and jagged edges.

Race Focus
Core races: Anything, but usually as normal distribution
Skarn: Melee
Rilkan: Bard, rogue
Azurin: Spellcaster

Prestige Class Focus
Incandescent Champion#: Paladin, good or evil
Incarnum Templar*#: Defensive Cleric
Soulcaster: Wizard/Sorceror; survive the typical banning of arcane spellcasting by asserting that they use incarnum as the fuel for spells; Wizards have a tougher time, due to spellbooks/etc. being contraband items
Incarnum Blade: Duskblade/'Gish'
Ironsoul Forgemaster#: Craftsman of incarnum-infused items
Necrocarnate#: Villain, necromancer
Spinemeld Warrior: Basic Skarn soldier
Totem Rager: Warrior for non-Incarnum races who seek to pursue incarnum
Umbral Disciple: Spy/assassin
Essentia Thief*: Rogue/skill monkey
Witchborn Binder: Arcane magic is an underground practice; kingdom runs on a theocracy of divine magic and incarnum. Act as SWAT for spellcasters.

*see below

Incandescent Champion
Alignment: Any

Sapphire Hierarch: Incarnum Templar
-Special: Access to Law domain -> Access to Incarnum domain
-Alignment: Choose one, your Essentia Templar Smite ability works against the opposed alignment.
-(1) Consultation (3/level) -> Sapphire Smite (1/encounter, rather than 1/day)
-(2) Favored of the Eidolon -> Divine Soul Touch
-(10) Consultation (1/month) -> Advanced Chakra: The character chooses the next chakra bind from their base meldshaping class (or the last one a level was taken in). If multiple binds are available, choose one.

Ironsoul Forgemaster: For Everyone!
All races and alignments may take the Ironsoul Forgemaster PrC. At 7th level: "Soulbound Crafting: The Ironsoul Forgemaster doesn't need the prerequisite spells for creating Soulbound weapons or armor. He may also opt to expend points of essentia to negate the XP required, at a rate of 1 point essentia per 300 XP. These points are kept in the armor until a month has passed or the Soulbound item is destroyed, in either case it looses its Soulbound property and the Forgemaster regains the lost points the next time he spends eight hours to rest."

Necrocarnate: HD 13 Necrocarnum Zombie Cop-out?
Maximum HD of your Necrocarnum zombies is equal to your meldshaping level.

Essentia Every 4 Levels
Instead of gaining an ability point at every fourth level, a character may choose to gain 2 points of essentia.

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Essentia Thief (PrC)
Based off the Arcane Trickster. These thieves go so far as to steal the essentia of their targets, and can even employ an enemy's soulmelds against them.

Alignment: Any nonlawful.
Skills: Escape Artist 7, Know(arcana) 7, Know(planes) 7
Soulmelding: Chakra(hands); melding level 3; 3 soulmelds
Special: Sneak attack +2d6
Feat: Indigo Strike

HD: d6
Skill Points: 4+Int
Skills: As Arcane Trickster, remove Decipher Script, add Know(planes)

BAB, Saves: As Arcane Trickster

Level Special
1 Essentia Theft 2/day, Meldshaping
2 Sneak Attack +1d6
3 Hijack Meld 1/day
4 Sneak Attack +2d6
5 Essentia Theft 4/day
6 Sneak Attack +3d6
7 Hijack Meld 2/day
8 Sneak Attack +4d6
9 Essentia Theft 6/day
10 Sneak Attack +5d6

Meldshaping: You essentia, number of soulmelds, and number of chakra binds advances as per your last soulmelding class. You don't gain access to new chakras, though.

Essentia Theft (Su): Before making a sneak attack against an opponent with essentia, you may declare an essentia theft attempt (up to the listed amount of times per day). For every natural 4, 5, or 6 in your sneak attack dice (or 5,6,7,8 for d8, etc.), you may negate that roll to steal a number of essentia points equal to the outcome minus 3 (or minus 4 for d8, etc.). This essentia is first taken from their essentia pool, then randomly taken from their soulmelds. You benefit from this gain for 2 rounds per class level, and may invest this stolen energy as part of this action. The opponent regains their lost essentia in twice this time.

Meld Hijack (Su): On a critical hit, you may declare a meld hijack attempt. On a successful opposed meldshaper check (add half your class level as a bonus), the opponent automatically loses a binded soulmeld of your choice. You gain that soulmeld, and become fully aware of its uses. Any essentia they had invested returns to their essentia pool. You can't pick a soulmeld that would be binded to a chakra you already have in use (unless you have Double Chakra, as per its use). If you don't have access to that chakra, you gain such access temporarily. This effect lasts for one round per class level.

Mishtai: The Living Relic
Medium Outsider (Native, Incarnum)

Gains HD as per class levels.

+2 to all abilities.
Full hitpoints.
+20 foot base land speed.
+4 meldshaping checks.
Slight Build and/or Powerful Build, as it desires.
Soulsight (defaults at 40 feet) as a (modified) bonus feat.
Incarnum-Fortified Body as a bonus feat.
Detect Incarnum and Alter Self, at will.
Double essentia (from feats and classes).
Can invest essentia as an immediate action once per turn.
All soulmelds treated as having at least one point of essentia.
Doesn't eat/sleep/breath/age.
Essentia Flood (Su): Those standing adjacent to a Mishtai gain one point of essentia, moving away removes this point. When a Mishtai strikes a creature with an essentia pool unarmed, that creature gains 2d4 points of essentia which is invested randomly among feats and soulmelds (as much as can be fit). Any remaining uninvested essentia causes 5 damage per point.
Master Knowledge (Su): Automatically succeeds on any bardic lore or Knowledge check of DC 30 or less.
When aiding another, add +1 to the bonus.
Can make two spine attacks like a Skarn, which deal damage as scythes of equal size (same critical threat range and modifier as well).

Base CR: 5 + class levels

This race has perfected itself through the use of incarnum, becoming one with the soulstuff. Its touch can overload those who wield essentia, causing damage. For unknown reasons, they disappeared only to leave behind the rilkan and the skarn races. Each of these offspring races took minor traits from their progenitor race. A true Mishtai has scales of its innate color all across its body, and resembles a human-shaped reptile. On each forearm and calf are a set of wicked spines; this trait was given to the skarn. A Mishtai is a master of knowledge as well as combat, as every soul is said to pass through the field of incarnum that is bound to them; this interconnection of knowledge was handed down to the rilkan. It is said only one Mishtai remains, perhaps even a few though they no longer reproduce.

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The social hierarchy is led by the Incarnates, the ruling class. Their general neutrality and wide talents make them among the most capable of leaders in Incarnum society. Clergy and scholars make up a large subset of the upper class.

Soulborns serve as the military and middle class. Dedicated warriors are the highest upper-class, especially those who have become Spinemeld Warriors. Most Skarn cities and empires, as many of the Incarnum world's provinces are, feature a warrior culture. Heroes are pretty much worshiped and nearly everyone takes part in their homeland's military.

Totemists are generally seen as commoners. They are developing their skills and tactics in order to prove their worth among the higher classes in society; through the use of wild soulmelds, they wish to rise up over the other social classes and must use this to combat the attempts of the upper classes to keep them in submission.

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So far, I like. Seems fair and balanced, and any and all incarnum support is totally awesome.