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2007-03-08, 06:45 PM
"ever lived your life and wondered why it sucks? i used to do some pretty stupid things and then it hit me. Karma. now I have a list of all the things i've done wrong. I'm just trying to be a better person. My name is Earl" Earl J Hickey, one of the two Walkers of Karma

Karma is the force that keeps the balance. all karma asks of her/his worshipers is to try and do nice things, for those who do nice things often get nicer things in return.

Time to recieve spells: Dawn, the beginning of a new day signifies a clean slate
Quests: Quests are rarely done in the name of Karma, but those who do carry out his/her quests are done without reward. mostly they do quests to right any wrongs they have done (like Earls list).
Avatar: Karma rarely manifests on the prime material plane, but when he/she does, he/she takes the form of an old lady.
Alignment: Karma is Neutral with leanings towards the lawful side of chaotic (he/she makes sure that those who do nice things get some sort of reward, yet is not bound by any laws to make sure the wicked are punished)
Favored weapon: Unarmed strike. (although, in the world of cold sciences, karmas favored weapon is a car :smallbiggrin: )
Domains: law, chaos, balance, healing.
Heralds: Karma has two heralds, Earl J Hickey and Randy Hickey. both are Rouges of indeterminate level.

post if you think this needs more work!

2007-03-08, 06:59 PM
Domains of both Law and Chaos? @_@
The very idea of karma sees lawful to me. Perhaps the diety is not strictly lawful, but it is certainly not chaotic. Neutral, with leanings towards law and good seems more likely.

Then again, imagine the challenge of roleplaying a Neutral Evil Cleric of karma. It's almost tempting.

2007-03-08, 09:05 PM
True, but then alignment is a tricky beast. It might make even less sense to use Good and Evil, since Karma is implicitly geared towards 'Good' in some respects. Depends how Neutral the Deity or Philosophy is.

2007-03-08, 10:01 PM
So if a cleric of Kharma dies he is rencarnated?

2007-03-08, 10:10 PM
Domains of Healing, Destruction, Balance, and one other would work better than any alignment domains.

2007-03-10, 10:35 AM
I think I've just saved a will save vs pedanticism here, but it's "Deity", not "Diety", and "Rogue", not "Rouge". Also, I agree with Caduceus on the domains, with the one other possibly being Luck.

2007-03-11, 10:07 PM
So what's Karma's holy symbol, a chameleon?:smallbiggrin:

I agree that the alignment needs to be changed. Neutral, leaning towards the lawful side of chaotic. So that would make Karma borderline chaotic neutral. Change it to either Lawful or Chaotic, not both.

2007-03-12, 09:36 PM
Karma's holy symbol would be a disk with both a wheel motif and a chain threaded between the spokes. More expensive versions would include the top half plated gold and the bottom half lead.