View Full Version : D&D 3.x Class Tome of Radiance NPC building ideas.

2014-09-04, 08:36 PM
I'm hosting my first game and we doing an arena brawl to choose the strongest warrior of light. We are using the Tomb of Radiance (http://tome-of-radiance.wikia.com/wiki/Tome_of_Radiance_Wiki) for characters.

This thread is mostly to think up people for the game. Other fighters, the past "Princess of Light", and other characters that will take part in the story.

The setting is a magical version of Europe and the fights will be set in Not-Paris.

Edit: I forgot to post the rules for the fighters. Level 8 and 28 point buy

2014-09-04, 10:14 PM
Would I be able to contribute being fairly unfamiliar with tome of radiance? If so could you summarize the kinds of characters supported, and the general tone (how sane/eccentric) they should be?

2014-09-04, 10:19 PM
Odds are we will be playing sane but this is a magical girls (and maybe guys) fighting to be the best so a few goofy characters could work.

2014-09-05, 12:06 AM
Immediately subscribed.

Also, is this a medieval non-Paris, or the modern one?

2014-09-05, 12:50 AM
Not medieval, more towards the Victorian era I think. Right now the solid things about the game is the fighting, the Tome of Radiance, and magical Europe.

Also I may have an Annie Oakley styled gunfighter willing to skip across the pond to brawl.

2014-09-05, 02:31 AM
OK then...

For the "Princess of Light", Shining Princess seems almost tailor-made - something like Stargazer 8/Champion 1/Empath 1/Shining Princess X (depending on the level you're willing to go).

As for fighters... representing Albion (or whatever not-Britain is called in the setting), miss Grace Windmoore (Stargazer 6 / Bombardment Mage 2) - clad in the black coat and hat that always remain impeccably clean and wielding a stick umbrella she uses both to fly, block incoming magical blasts and call forth stars itself to fall on those who stand in her way.

update: I take it the game would be face-to-face? Were it PbP, I would very much love to play it :-)

2014-09-06, 11:30 AM
Sorry for not coming back to this thread but RL got a little busy. In game news. It looks like we changed over to pathfinder with a 25 point buy.

@jamieth Odds are we will be playing the over irc or using some forums. Also thanks for the character idea.