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2007-03-09, 09:23 PM
The throb is slow, methodical. Everything in the Abyss is so damn creepy...especially here, in the realm of Lolth. "That's where the cult is housed?" my wizard companion asked me, "do you hear that?"
"Yes, I responded," gripping my sword hilt softly as I gently pushed the stone door of the temple complex open, "be careful, demon magic can do terrible things to a mind. Turn you into a..." within the temple was a wide room, I saw humanoids and demons alike throbbing in shimmering lights and heard a deafening, pervasive beat, "...raving lunatic."

Reality Scratchers
Favored by Drow Bards and Mariliths, these bizarre and chaotic items allow the user to alter the structure of reality through powerful musical effects.
Description: These six ornate discs are made of the highly polished and rounded bones of an ancient demon lord, they are covered in arcane Abyssal runes, including a single phrase on the center of each disc. The phrases are None Shall Pass, Everybody's Free (To Feel Good), White Light, Monkey Suite, Spotter, Teardrop.
Activation: Reality Scrathers can be set as a free action, this causes the six discs to hover at varied heights around the user. Once set, any of the six discs can be activated as a move action requiring a DC 20 Perform (Percussion) check. Once activated, each disc can be maintained with a DC 25 Perform (Percussion) check each round. Changing a disc requires a move action. You can maintain one disc for each hand, but each requires a seperate Perform (Percussion) check to maintain. Unsetting the discs, at which point they return to the user, is a move action.
Effect: While active, each Reality Scratcher disc grants its user a different Spell-Like Ability, usable at will. If an ability has a duration other than instantaneous, it only lasts as long as that disc is maintained.
None Shall Pass: Repulsion
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good): Mass Suggestion
White Light: Rainbow Blast
Monkey Suite: Confusion
Spotter: True Seeing
Teardrop: Wall of Water
Strong Universal; CL 12; Market Price 80,000; Repulsion, Mass Suggestion, Rainbow Blast, Confusion, True Seeing, Wall of Water

The purpose of the item is to protect yourself with Repulsion, Wall of Water, or ravers made by Mass Suggestion, while meanwhile blasting opponents with Rainbow Blast and Confusion. A Marilith makes the most use of this item, as she can control all the effects simultaneously.

2007-03-10, 04:25 AM
I like it.

It's going on my rappin' drow bard. He already has Turntables of Fear and an Mic of Dispel magic.

2007-03-12, 12:12 PM
Great! And perfect for my Munchkin game!
In an upcoming quest, the PCs will have to go free Dr Strangehate's wife who is being held captive by gangsta drows in the ghetto. Many drows there have bard levels.

They will meet a gang of drows who will "serve" them, singing a short and silly rap song I wrote for the occasion! As long as the PCs dont serve them back, they will be considered intimidated in their presence!

Orzel I'd like to hear more about your drow bard. What does he do? What are his magic items?

2007-03-12, 12:32 PM
Damn...I was hoping for a prestige class.
Man...we'd have to then have breakdancer, rapper, and white boy prestige class.

2007-03-12, 01:00 PM
Orzel I'd like to hear more about your drow bard. What does he do? What are his magic items?

He was a minion of my friend's BBEG. A bardic insult master name Poizon. A basic Drow bard in build. I don't have the sheet anymore but here's the basics.

Turntables of Fear: A disc on a floating metal box. When idle, all in 60' must save or be shaken for 1 round. When "scratched" as a standard action, all in 60' must save or be paniced for rounds equal to the turntable's caster level.

Mic of Dispel magic: A wand of Dispel Magic with unlimited charges. But you must sucessfully insult the spell's caster to use it (your perfrom(oratory) vs their sense motive).

My friend said he got killed when he insulted a paladin/fighter's axe and got power attacked for like 40 something.