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mabriss lethe
2007-03-09, 11:12 PM
The Lords of Battle, as their collective title implies, are a group of war gods embodying multiple facets of warfare. They're worshiped much like a single god, Each face of Battle has but one domain to reflect that. A priest of the Lords of Battle is mechanically identical to any other cleric. They may only choose domains from the short list below.

The Jackal: Eater of the Dead. Looter of Corpses. This lord of battle is the face of brutal truths revealed in the aftermath of conflict.
Sign: A jackal feeding upon a corpse
Domain: Animal

The Cull: The Bloody Harvest. The face of battle most soldiers fear but all to often see.
Sign: A cracked skull atop a nicked shortsword
Domain: Death

The Horde: Lord of the Blackened Earth, Prince of Ashes: This face of war is dedicated to the wanton destruction, loss of life and livleihood that war creates.
Sign: A faceless sillhuette wreathed in flames.
Domain: Destruction

The Fortune of War: The Fickle Blade, The Mistress of Risks. She is lady luck, the blind mistress of the battlefield who revels in the unexpected
Sign: A woman's profile, half turned.
Domain: Luck

The Stalwart: The Guardian, Shield of Ages. The stalwart is the patron of defenders everywhere.
Sign: A battered shield
Domain: Protection

The Hero: Standard Bearer, The Light in the Darkness. The Standard bearer pushes warriors to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. He is the face of every warrior who lives and dies for something greater than themselves
Sign: A torn battle standard marked with a red handprint
Domain: Strength

The Sergeant: Lord of the March, The Soldier's Devil. The Sergeant is is the face every soldier learns to hate. The master of unpleasant orders and seemingly mindless duties
Sign: A spade thrust into the earth with an old boot leaning against it.
Domain: Travel

The Dark Hand: Keeper of secrets, Lord of the Map, The hand is the patron of every strategist, saboteur, and spymaster that ever worked behind the scenes to ensure victory.
Sign: A dagger pinning down a sheet of paper
Domain: Trickery

The Soldier: The Grumbler, The Thousand Spears of War, The Soldier is the face of every enlisted or conscripted man ever to pick up a weapon in the name of war.
Sign: A plain and illl used helmet dangling from the end of a spear
Domain: War

While each individual lord has a separate sign, they are collectively represented in a single image used by most of the Clerics worshiping them. That sign is called the Wheel of Blades, a circle of iron with spokes shaped in the likeness of broken weapons. These icons are in fact forged from the remnants of blooded weapons and armor shattered on the field of battle.

2007-03-10, 12:06 AM
I like all the faces. Many aspects of one god. Pretty cool.