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2007-03-10, 02:13 PM

I'm in the process of preparing for a new (rather high level, moderatly evil) campaign, and I'd like some comments/critiques/improvements on the build I'm working on.

The tentative party is a barb/fb tank, a divine meta-persist cleric, an incantatrix batman, and a kobold skill/trap monkey. I've decided to go with a combination of ranged support and party face. The DM has a history of endurance adventures designed to limit resting chances and the ability to re-up spells (enforced schedules, constant threats, etc), so a build that can go all day is a requisite. He also has opponents destroy items (Disjunction, Disintegrate, sunder, etc) if its in character for them to do so, making item dependant builds (archers, especially) less than ideal.

Our DM has given us all some form of semi-random level adjusting template (the batman is a half-fiend), free feat set (dragonwrought + the wings feats and one or two other things for the kobold), or a bloodline. Luckilly, we aren't paying for them, though (of course) encounters will be scaled taking them into account.

I ended up with a major Devil Bloodline (nothing super spiffy, free improved initiative, some stat bumps).

This is what I'm thinking at the moment:
Human Sorcerer 1/Binder 2/Warlock 1/Anima Mage 9/Hellfire Warlock 3

1) Precoscious Apprentice, Wild Talent, Forlorn (Flaw), Extend Spell, Hot Blooded (flaw), Persistant Spell
3) Improved Binding
6) Point Blank Shot
9) Psionic Shot
12) Greater Psionic Shot
15) Psionic Meditation

Sorcerer casting 1, CL 4 (essentially just to qualify for Anima Mage, though persistant Sniper's Shot and Wraithstrike don't suck)
Binding lvl 12
Warlock invocations lvl 13
Warlock eldritch blast lvl 16

Eldritch Blast 8d6 + 4d6 (GPS) + 12d6 (Hellfire Blast) + 2d6 (Greater Chausible) + 3d6 (sneak attack- Andromalius) +4d6 (sudden strike- Malphas) = 33d6 every round, not amazing, but not horrible

Using Sniper's Shot and Eldritch Spear for longer ranged sniping.

Using Sense Trickery, Silver Tongue, and Beguiling Influence to act as a face.

Usual Binds: Andromalius, Malphas, Naberius

Any advice (besides the usual "Warlocks suck!", as frankly, I don't think they do, given the campaign caveats) would be appreciated.

To my knowledge, the game has no house rules except for a very liberal application of Rule 0 and all non-Eberron materials are kosher (Eb is out only because its difficult to integrate into what we're told will be a Blood War based campaign).


2007-04-06, 08:50 PM
the psionic shots and wild talents i think are wasted, 4 feats to get an extra 4d6, i think not. maybe weapon focus for eldritch blast and some other feats (cant find books right now, ill get back to you on that)