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2007-03-12, 04:29 PM
Well, the changes I made to the class are not /this/ drastic, but it comes close. In my setting, mutiple religious views are true at the same time. True meaning that they work. One of these views is that everything has a spirit - every animal, tree, river, rock, etcetera. Spirit shamans work with these spirits. They use 2 new skills for this: knowledge(rituals) and perform(ritual), made to know how and to actually influence spirits. They got rid of MAD-casting (yes, I know it makes them so balanced, but I liked this way more, since it's a bit risky and that balances it out a bit - I hope) and got their own spell-list. Based of the druid's, but with a lot of spells removed and others added or cast at other levels. Note that in my world, you have to reŘnite the soul and the body to cast raise dead & spin it's offs, meaning you have to be very quick, have a way of storing the soul after death (item) or get the soul back first, which is one of the class features of the spirit shaman now. The changes I made:

4+int skill points

Spirit Shaman class features kicked out:
Chastise spirits
Detect spirits
Blessing of the spirits
Warding of the spirits
Recall spirits (completely redone)
Weaken spirits

Features added:
Perform for bonus spells
To retrieve your spells every day you must do an hour long ritual. Make a perform(ritual) check, subtract 2xthe highest spell level you can know 2 spells from (min 1) and treat the result as your wisdom score for the purpose of determining if you can cast spells from a spell level and the amount of bonus spells. (Saka the 3rd level spirit shaman has a charisma of 18 and 6 ranks in perform(ritual). His ‘spellcasting attribute for bonus spells’ will be between 9 and 28 (average 18,5), so there is a chance he will not be able to cast any spell at all)

Changed spell list See below
1lvl Spirit empathy (preq know(rituals) 3)
You can influence the attitude of natural spirits (of rivers, trees, etcetera) with a perform(ritual) check. This works as diplomacy with a slightly different table.
2lvl Wild empathy
3lvl Helpful spirits (preq know(rituals) 5)
You can use a move action to make a perform(ritual) check to ask a friendly or helpful spirit to assist you on a given action (only for tasks it can assist you with, fairly limited), giving a +1 (if friendly)or +2 (if helpful) bonus by default, or other help if possible.
4lvl Harmful spirits (preq know(rituals) 7)
You can use spirit empathy to worsen the attitude of spirits towards your enemies.
7lvl Recall spirits (preq know(rituals) 10)
1/day, you can go in trance and travel to the spirit world to retrieve the soul of a willing target that has died within around 5 days (slight variation given the location of death). Going in trance requires a perform(ritual) check costing an hour. Every 10 minutes of trance, the shaman can make a concentration check (DC 15+1/amount of concentration checks already made). For every concentration check thus saved, a shaman gains a part of the targets soul. He must get a number of parts equal to its HD. The shaman can stay in trance for 10 minutes /point the perform check exceeded 10.*
11lvl Improved helpful spirits (preq know(rituals) 14)
You can ask the spirits for assistance as a swift action. As a move action, you can ask them to assist one of your allies. The bonus the spirits give by default is heightened to 2 if friendly or 4 if helpful for you and 1(friendly) 2(helpful) for allies.
13lvl Spirit Curse (preq know(rituals) 16)
You can make a touch attack against an opponent to give him the spirit curse. You can target a cursed person with [mind] spells if they are on the same plane as you when you’re in trance. Remove curse and the like will remove the spirit curse from the target. You can only have 1 cursed target at the time. You can free someone from the curse by going into trance and making a DC30 concentration check. You can use this ability 1/day.
16lvl Recognized by the spirits
All spirits you encounter are automatically 1 step closer to helpful.

Spell list:
Druidlist as base, changes as below
Extra spells on list
0Dancing lights
Ghost sound
1 Accelerated Movement
Cause fear
Discern bloodline
Disguise self
Feather fall
2 Aid
Calm emotion
Charm person
Curse of ill fortune
Gentle repose
Spiritual weapon
3Bestow curse
Continual flame
Darkvision, superior
Gaseous form
Remove curse
Remove fear
Skull watch
Speak with dead
Water walk
5 Commune (…with spirits)
Dance of the unicorn
Hallucinatory Terrain
7 Antimagic field
Control plants
Raise dead
8Discern location
Leonals roar
Soul bind
9 Choose destiny

Druid spells not on list:
1Extend Shifting
Cat’s grace
Bear’s strength
Blood Frenzie
Body of the sun
Daggerspell stance
Estanna’s stew
Fire trap
Nature’s favor
Owl’s wisdom
3 Call lightning
Enhanced shifting
Weather eye
4 Command plants
Ice storm
Stars of arvandor
Wall of water
5 Call lightning storm
Dancing web
Flame strike
Wall of sand
6Gate seal
Tidal surge
7Brilliant aura
Control weather
Rain of roses
Transmute metal to wood
Word of balance
Control plants
Fire Storm
9Nature’s avatar
Rain of black tulips