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2014-10-08, 01:00 AM
ULCIUSTA (Work in Progress)

Ulciusta is the demon lord of justification. She teaches her followers that even the damned can help others and encourages them to use any means, preferably vile means, to inflict torment and bring death to those who commit great evils for their own gain or knowingly in the service of evil. Her purpose in this is three fold, as religions that seek to help others more often flourish on the material plane, her rival's cultists almost certainly be slain by her own followers, and those who are slain actively by her followers are more likely to already be destined for the abyss.


Ulciusta is worshiped by those who are drawn to evil but still wish to do good in the world. All who love to harm others, even kill but still wish to help others, who wish to feel justified in their actions, can find themselves welcome into Ulciusta's cult. They are encouraged to do great evils, but onto only those deserving of torment and death. While in most regions they are, naturally, about as secretive as most cults devoted to demon lords are, in some regions her followers are surprisingly open about their worship and actively recruit and spread the word of Ulciusta, seeking acceptance from the community as a whole.

Ulciusta's symbol is (at present, undecided). Her favored weapon is the dagger. She grants access to the domains of Chaos, Destruction, Death and Evil, and to the subdomains of Demon, Murder, and Torture.

Having previously bounced around the concept of a good aligned demon lord, I thought I would take shot at one that at least wanted to be perceived as good in a sense by mortals and draw in her own niche of followers. I'll certainly add more as time goes on and I more than welcome input. Will I ever stat her up? I don't know. I'd like to but I am not great at giving stats to monsters, so unique ones? Not likely to happen, but if someone wants to give her crunch, I welcome it.