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Prometheus II
2014-10-11, 09:52 AM
So, I was trying to create a blaster sorcerer, and I decided to start looking up guides to it. What I found instead was people saying "Don't blast." The general consensus seemed to be that you'd be better off taking just Haste, Fly, and a couple Summon Monster spells-leave the damage to the mundanes. That was not what I wanted to see. If I wanted to be on the back lines buffing, I would play a bard. However, Paizo seems to have neglected the blaster aspect of the magic-user; doing the math, a Hasted barbarian and fighter, plus a couple equally-buffed summons, outdamaged Fireball and Lightning Bolt spam any day. So I said "screw it" and went off and made my own class! FLUFF ALERT:

Magic comes from places where the world is broken. It comes from places where there are 91-degree angles to perfect squares, where you can look up and see the road curving away above you, where parallel lines meet a few feet away. These places are rifts into the impossible nothingness between planes, and the sources of magic. And the arcane font is lucky-or unlucky-enough to have one of those rifts inside of them. A sorcerer's power comes from their blood, suffused with this energy. An arcanist has discovered how to create tiny, temporary rifts to draw power from. The eldritch font archetype represents an arcanist who has discovered an easy way to open a rift. The arcane font, however, is lucky-or unlucky-enough to have a permanent rift. An arcanist can gather energy to themselves and cleverly spin spells from the raw energy. An eldritch font can open a small rift to suffuse a spell with power. But an arcane font eats, drinks, and breathes that power. Their rift never closes. They can't craft spells, because they overload them before the spell's components are complete. The cleverest of fonts, though, learn to use their energy in different ways. They direct it at the fabric of the plane itself, cracking it to travel along a wave of arcane energy. They wield blades of energy, channel power into the weapons of their allies, and-most of all-release it in powerful bursts.

So, yeah. I've got the class here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wA-DUO2SRorOb422Tn9Gn0UgC6L-4XEoAGUX1PS-PHY/edit?usp=sharing

List of arcane talents is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15OFJB5z7pRGoV9-XdD49mb5wMMOmyDYF_y1JiNn0rfs/edit?usp=sharing

Go ahead and tear it to shreds!

2014-10-13, 09:59 AM
The cap on arcane shield should be 60 at 20th level.
All status effects should have saves or opposed checks.
Without spells and with only 23+modifier points per day the class is going to play like a warlock without the utility.
The feather fall effect needs to be an immediate action.
You get flight too late to be useful.
Arcane aura is beyond overpowered. Needs to be a standard an at least 1 SL per point spent (9 for 9th level spell)
Randomly retooling magic items or spell effects is a bad idea.
The base effect of arcane reservoir should change d4s into d6s. Elemental abilities should deal the same amount of dice, not more than double your damage.
I would make arcane blade deal damage as your normal blast, but disappear after a hit or two.