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2007-03-17, 08:11 PM
So I'm starting a pbp game that involves three groups: a police type unit, and two rival gangs. the players choose which part to be in.
So three separate threads(minimum) one for each group (granted there will be some solo/small group).
From what it looks like there will probably be around 12 people?

And this is my first time DMing, and yes i know this is probably way too much for a first time DM to really attempt (thank ... i have alot of free time)

ANYWAYS they all start at level 2 and it's 90% only core (to help me out)
so any ideas for in-city adventures for a group of lvl 2-5's? it doesnt need much if any combat, i plan on awarding roleplaying / mission xp.

My ideas so far are:
police- basic investigate/interrogate/stop crimes (not always relating to the gangs)
gangs- various thefts, some assassination, political work ie: 'negociating' with political officials to get some influence

And in any case i can always have a slight side-trek to another city to get something and have encounters along the way

Many thanks in advance.

Emperor Tippy
2007-03-17, 08:23 PM
Look at Sharn; City of Towers.

2007-03-17, 08:28 PM
is that a book or a website? also my friend has the book on waterdeep, i'm thinking of using it's map, just not making it a port.

Emperor Tippy
2007-03-17, 08:33 PM
A book. Its all about the biggest city in eberron. If you have AIM IM me and I'll give you some more details about it.

2007-03-18, 10:05 AM
Collecting "Protection" money, working the door at a gang run gambling hall (searching for weapons, keeping out low lifes, but still looking good doing it) One gang could try to take out the one of the other gangs low level bosses; they'd first have to uncover the ranks of the gang, possibly by interrogation, or infiltration, get an idea of patterns, find holes in security, etc.

Perhaps if you posted the general theme of the two gangs it would be easier. If one is more into theivery, while the other is more of a dark magic cult then that would help.

2007-03-18, 11:32 AM
well generally the red foxes are better at stealth ie: heists
and the shinsen are better at assassinations and they tend to have a bit more political influence

2007-03-18, 10:05 PM
Is this going to be D20 Modern or D&D?

2007-03-18, 10:10 PM
3.5 d20 insertrandomcharactersduetolimit