View Full Version : [Warhammer 40K] Necrons as player characters?

2014-10-26, 01:27 AM
I, myself, have always been a fan of the space-egyptyan-undead folk, and, upon being introduced to Fantasy Flight's Warhammer 40K universe, the thought of playing as a Necron was often on my mind. Now, Necron immortals and Warriors are quite clearly off the table, the former being but barely sentient and the latter being little more than automatons...But Lords, Crypteks, Lychguard - they all sound to me like incredibly interesting characters to try to develop.

Now, I've already looked over the existing crunch for Necrons in Fantasy Flight games....And the universal constant is that they are INCREDIBLY strong, to the point where they would put even Astartes to shame. Thus, I turn to you: How can we tune our metal friends into a slightly more crunch-friendly option for players?

2014-10-26, 01:55 AM
An entirely new set of system assumptions, for one? You've pointed out yourself that a party of Necrons is going to be at a substantially higher power level than most Deathwatch kill teams.

Failing that, I'm pretty sure being an alien zombie robot comes with an entirely different set of baggage than a genetically-enhanced super soldier. No Warp presence means no psykers, you'd be aping those powers like a rak'gol tech-shaman does. Probably have a slower rate of healing as well as being more prone to insanity, too...