View Full Version : Pathfinder Arcane Strigix - A homebrew vampire

2014-11-02, 05:56 AM
Hey guys! I'm working on creating a spell caster variant of the Vampire. Could I get some feedback off of it?


2014-11-03, 02:05 AM
I think the feeding requirements are a little harsh. Every day they have to feed just to keep caster levels from dropping. It'd be very suspicious if 5 arcane spellcasters were attacked in one week; they'd band together and destroy the vampire pretty quickly. Wizards are very paranoid people. At the first hint of trouble, they'd scry out the Strigi's home and blow it up. If Strigi are meant to be feral beasts who blindly attack spellcasters, once a day feeding is fine. But I don't really get that impression from them. So, personally, I'd change the feeding time to something more reasonable, like once every two weeks or once a month.